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WIN News tonight at 7pm

WIN’s Canberra bulletin (which looks like it has as much useful news tonight as my left sock) is going to air at the “special time of 7pm” tonight. Why do I get the awful feeling that this means Nine News will run for an hour due to a dust storm.

Strangely, I could be sure that I saw a promo for A Current Affair “tonight at 7pm” in the preceding ad break.

I won’t be home to watch it…I’ll set up a recording to cure my curiosity.

Update: It’s 6:09pm and Seven are still banging on about how the dust killed the wonderful and picturesque views of Sydney. Meanwhile Nine are having a 60 minute bulletin…they might be able to mention something other than the dust. Whether A Current Affair will screen on WIN…who knows? It wouldn’t be a bad thing if it didn’t. End Update

Update 6:11pm: Seven Dust has finished for the night. Seven News after the break, followed by Today Tonight where their lead story is “Sydney and Brisbane covered in dust, earthquakes in Melbourne. We’ll find out why and what’s next in a special report”. Matt…if you can do it without misplacing your script and having to look around the set like you did the other night…your report still won’t be credible. End Update


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The next Commercial Radio Australian brand campaign?

You’ve probably heard the ongoing series of ads from Commerical Radio Australia, starring Mark Mitchell as the numbling interviewer who is trying to convince you to advertise or keep advertising on radio. It’s a good campaign and it seems to have worked quite well for them, and as such, if they take the idea from my dream for their next campaign, they’re completely nuts.

The dream started with me being in a studio in a cupboard opening a package…when I opened the package a CD started making noise (without a CD player). The opening monologue from Neil Mitchell (yes, Neil…somebody in dream casting stuffed up and got the wrong Mitchell) told me all about how radio is the perfect medium to let the world know when you lose or find something. This was followed by three callers rambling about how they lost a cat, a tin of sardines and a fruit shop respectively while the Big Brother theme music played in the background. Neil Mitchell then came back on with “Commercial Radio, you lose it, we find it”.

At this point, the dream ended.

With dreams like this, is it any wonder that I have trouble sleeping?


September 23rd, 2009 at 02:43pm

NRL radio rights remain mostly unchanged through 2012

The NRL have announced that 2GB, the ABC and MMM have secured the NRL broadcast rights through until the end of 2012 under much the same agreement as is currently in place.

2GB and the ABC will continue to broadcast Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon matches, with the ABC having access to a few Monday night matches for restricted broadcast, while MMM retain the exclusive commercial rights to Monday night matches.

The big change is that 2GB will be forced to pump the webstream of their NRL coverage through the NRL website and Telstra’s dodgy servers, bringing NRL webstreams in line with AFL webstreams which, it must be noted, have failed a number of times this year. There is no word on whether 2GB will be forced to switch their own webstream off during NRL matches, although it is probable that they will.

It’s not a loss for 2GB though, as having their webstream available directly from the NRL website, in the same manner as ABC and MMM broadcasts have already been available, will boost their audience, whilst for the NRL it makes their website a more authoritative “one stop shop” for NRL news and information.


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Canberra Hail Alert

It’s hailing in Reid at the moment and it’s heavy.


September 23rd, 2009 at 12:37am


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