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Penny Wong’s Nickname

Water and Climate Change Minister Penny Wong is in desperate need of a nickname, and I’m in desperate need of a new poll, so let’s attack a plural of stones with a singular bird.

Which of these is more appropriate for Penny Wong?

Total Votes: 90
Started: September 11, 2009

I was leaning towards “Water Princess” for a while because I like the sound of Princess Penny…but in many ways that is just a rip off of Princess Pelosi (US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi), and somewhat confusing seeing as I already call Clover Moore the Queen Princess of Sydney, so I’ve shifted to the “Water Witch”.

I’d love to know what you think…or if you have a better (non-defamatory) suggestion, leave a comment. I should point out though that I may decide to use any nickname of my choosing, and not necessarily the one indicated by the poll.

Incidentally, off-topic, but I was reminded to write this while I was having a shower and thinking about another topic which I intend to write about soon. You’ll probably work it out when you see it.


3 comments September 11th, 2009 at 11:22pm

Kevin’s not serious surely

Kevin Rudd on The 7:30 Report last night

ALI MOORE: After today’s numbers though, and looking at the trends for the last couple of months, where do you think unemployment is going to peak now?

KEVIN RUDD: Well of course the Government, advised by the Treasury, will put out our estimates come the time for the mid-year financial and economic outlook.

ALI MOORE: But do you think 8.5 is still realistic?

KEVIN RUDD: Ali, I have been around long enough to know that you don’t pluck a number from space. We have had some encouragement in terms of these most recent numbers. Remember the unemployment rate in the United States at present is tipping 10 per cent.

And also bear in mind Treasury’s advice that had we not engaged in our stimulus strategy, our nation building for recovery plan that we too would have been headed in the direction of 10 per cent and right now we’d be in the depths of recession, but we still have a long way to go.

What? We haven’t reached US unemployment levels, and so we should be happy? Come off it Kevin. The US have a president who said unemployment would be kept below current levels, but has since been killing jobs with his policies. We would have to have a major collapse to reach US levels.

The reality is that, whilst the official unemployment numbers have not moved, the number of people in full time work has decreased significantly, and of course none of this takes in to account the people who can’t be bothered dealing with the Centrelink bureaucracy and therefore don’t register on the unemployment figures…me being one of them. The amount of time I have spent out of work this year far outweighs the amount of time I have spent in work, but from previous experience, I have no intention of dealing with the Centrelink paperwork nightmare surrounding my intermittent employment, or deal with their need to shoehorn me in to any old job they can push me in to.

Kevin, there is plenty of work to do. It is not the time, right now, to pat yourself on the back because you haven’t caused the carnage that your mate Barry Bamster has.


September 11th, 2009 at 11:24am

2QN/Classic Rock Regional News September 11

Victoria’s “10/30 right” land-clearing laws for bushfire protection were passed in to law yesterday, allowing landowners to take practical steps to help protect their property.
Landowners in Victoria now have the right to clear vegetation, including trees, from within ten metres of their house, and any ground fuel within 30 metres of their house without a permit.

The Local Government and Shires Association of New South Wales’ water conference wraps up in Deniliquin today.

The Victorian Government is reminding residents that the fruit fly season is about to start again, and that residents can help to control the pest.
Agriculture minister Joe Helper says disposing of old fallen fruit, harvesting and consuming fruit as soon as it ripens, and not leaving ripe fruit on trees are the best ways to help stop fruit flies from breeding.

Changes to Australia’s private health insurance laws were voted down in federal parliament yesterday, and federal member for Farrer, Susan Ley, says this is good news for the 70 per cent of people in the Farrer electorate who are covered by private insurance.

Police are still searching for an elderly Echuca man who has been missing since Monday afternoon.

The New South Wales government is reviewing its Bovine Johne’s Disease program, to see if restrictions can be lifted.

And Dr. John Williams, the New South Wales Natural Resources Commissioner is touring river red gum forests in the Riverina.

Greenham Murray Football and Netball is in Finley tomorrow. In the football seniors, the first preliminary final between Moama and Barooga, the winner will meet Tocumwal in the grand final, while in the netball A grade preliminary final, Numurkah verse Tocumwal for a spot in the grand final against Tongala.

In the Goulburn Valley Football semi-finals, Tatura verse Rochester in Benalla tomorrow afternoon, and Mansfield verse Kyabram in Maroopna on Sunday.

In GV Netball’s semi-finals, the Shepparton Swans clash with Shepparton tomorrow, and Shepparton United verse Echuca on Sunday.

The 125th Jerilderie Gold Cup is on tomorrow.

And in Deni Ladies indoor netball last night, Monkey Magic defeated the Mixtures 30 to 12. Odds n Ends were too good for the Amcal Crocs 33 to 18. The RSL Retreads had an eight point win over Whatever, 38 to 30. And the Mixtures returned to the court but went down again, this time to NSS, 38 to 27.


September 11th, 2009 at 08:51am

KXNT Jerk Of The Week submission for September 11, 2009

Your “Jerk of the Week” submission
The idiot who parked behind me at the motel yesterday

Why should this person be the “Jerk of the Week”?
When I am leaving for work at 4am, I really don’t want to spend three minutes doing the “reverse a bit, forward a bit, reverse a bit” shuffle just to get out. Go and park in a parking space you jerk!

Your Name (Optional)
Samuel Gordon-Stewart

Alan Stock is on jury duty, so Casey Hendrickson is filling in for Alan on The Morning Source which probably leaves Heather Kydd on her own for today’s show…and as the KXNT website emails the Jerk Of The Week nominations to Casey, you should probably submit yours sooner rather than later. Jerk Of The Week airs shortly after 6pm Thursday in Las Vegas (11am Friday in Canberra) on Newsradio 840 KXNT.


September 11th, 2009 at 01:40am


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