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Mondays With Maritz: The Compostings

Samuel writes: Sorry that the column is late this week. Maritz submitted it yesterday afternoon but I didn’t get around the reading it until this evening.

Dear to hello for everybodyone who is do of read today and I am today for do the recipe and instuctiungs of promised for the compostings which are much good for helping with the graderens. I am often to do use the compostings with the gradens as I am do find that some of plants but not the all are much better when having been do if some compostings for use in the feedings.

The setting up of compostings is much important stages as can be faster if done the properly and do bring the worms in which can then be good as the worms do the learn quickly of this being goodly spot for the eatings and then they do provied the good of compost in quality for higher than otherwise to be do. For starting must place the small amount of the manures where the composts should go and is best if in area with shadings from tree in most of day time but some bit of the morning sun for some of morning but not all, and must not be doing get the afternoon suns as this can be too hot and heated for the good quality in composts.

I do use the horse manure for the compostings and should be use only small amount making height of the five centimetres covering of all base the area for compostings and then to be leaving there for a week. When do the week is over can then be placing more of the soils on top plus the special lures for the qorms. I am do not know of why but the worms are very much of the liking of my mixings and so I am do make the special tea to pour of on the compostings at this time. It is tea made in teapot but with added the cough syrup I am do use of the amount of the one dosage in strawberry flavour and also the same amount of the vodka. The dosageings of the cough syrups are of different in the different ones but it is level of main ingredient which is what worms are much of do like and so must always be using one dosage. The vodka does do enhance of worms doing like of the special tea and must be equal to level of cough dosages.

Tea should be brew for the five minutes before doing pour on to the compostings, then do place more of the soils on top with again half of previous amount the manure, then to be take the tea leaves and place them in clear plastic bag on clothes line for two days and not more before placing them on to compost as well. Then must be mix of compostings with shovel by picking up and turning but of gentle do so as for not the hurtings of worms who are much lovely.

Leave for three days before do come back to do singing of songs for half an hour to the worms and then can begin the compostings by adding the food scrpa s and of extra which is much lovely and tasty for the worms. I am also do find that compostings are better if do add the special tea and tea leaves every fortnight of two weeks as well for happy worms.

The smell of the compostings can be much strong at times so I am do say for that much most compostings should be in back for of garden where the house is away and not gettings winds of smell, or should be closing windows.

Please have much wonderful compostings now as this will be good for gardening and be making much lovely and wonderful for using on gardens.

Tomorrow I am to be do go to Mrs. Porrit of the English teachings house for doing build of compostings and slao for the working of the verbs which are the favourite words of the Englishes. Mr. Boss is still doing vistis for interstate and has done send of letter to say for call on tephlephone in week time of coming the Thursday morning. It is much lovely to be do hear from him and I am do hope that he is to be coming home and back of soon as I am not yet done finish of building the compostings in gradren for him.

I am do hope that you are all of well and good in healths.

From Maritz

September 15th, 2009 at 10:11pm

2GB kill

Perhaps I’m overreacting, but I’m shattered. is dead. The product of the 2GB newsroom which has grown in to arguably the best news website in the country on a skeleton staff, had the plugged pulled this afternoon.


This will require grieving. This will require serious adjustments to my online rituals… is the only Australian news website which I visit regularly, with others being the result of searching for specific stories on Google News. This is personally devastating. could disappear tomorrow and I wouldn’t care…but for to die suddenly like this…

I’m starting to hope that this week is just some awful dream and that I will wake up before it spirals further.

Farewell, your faithful combination of AAP material (which you kept in context, unlike some other places) and Macquarie National News material will be sorely missed.

(Thanks to Frank for the heads up…I wouldn’t have know for another hour or so otherwise)


September 15th, 2009 at 06:02pm


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