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An email to 2GB’s Continuous Call Team

G’day Andrew,

I’m going to make a grand final prediction…it’ll be Dogs V Broncos, and there will be at least 46 points scored.

Great call of the Yow Yeh try!

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

September 19th, 2009 at 09:17pm

Peculiar rant of the week

Every now and then somebody comes along and leaves a comment which leaves me a tad bewildered as to why they bother writing in the first place. It’s almost always the same theme, today is not an exception.

I’m amused by this one but have no intention of publishing it in the comments section of the post it was attached to, so it can have its own post, insulated from the more sane sections of this blog.

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This comment is in no way related to the post “Jane Turner’s final day”

You are a complete duchebag – Why are you wasting a WordPress database with this pointless crap?

Nobody cares for your (very biased) opinions and they are totally irrelevant to the radio industry. Do you realise how much of a tool you look like posting stuff like “I’ve never heard any of these songs they play on FM104.7”? IT’S CALLED POP CULTURE MOFO!!! And it rates it’s ass off!

You wanna start a blog? Why not try something like “Boaring ways to spend a Saturday night” Because you clearly have no life!

Give up the community radio shift, too. Nobody listens to community radio (with a few exceptions of a couple of stations – No, not including yours!) and I’m sure that you are shit at it, too.

Do I work at one of the Canberra stations? No.

Sorry if this seems a bit harsh – But hey, I’m just sayin’

Ah, well, I should probably correct the record on a couple points. My opinions may be biased, but I don’t try to hide that fact, and I’m entitled to my opinion. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to read it.

Show me where I wrote “I’ve never heard any of these songs they play on FM104.7″…I’m sure that I said something similar at some stage relating to most of the music on that station (as I can’t stand most of it…some of it is OK though), but not all of it. And sure, it’s popular culture and it rates well…does this mean that I have to like it? No it doesn’t.

Seeing as you seem to want to know what I consider to be a good Saturday night…it’s a typical winter Saturday night with 2GB’s coverage of the 5:30pm rugby league game during which I would take Nattie for a walk, followed by 3AW’s coverage of the 7pm AFL game. Then at 10pm, a delayed version of The Bill, probably followed by listening to John Kerr for a little while on 2CC and, if I’m still awake at 3am, Casey and Heather on KXNT Las Vegas. I might even slip in a drive to nowhere in particular for an hour or so.

Occasionally, and I’m talking once every four or five months here, I may decide to go out on a Saturday night. Generally though, it’s not my scene.

As for community radio. I recognise that it has a limited audience, but audience numbers aren’t my primary motive for being involved in community radio. Personally I think the whole combination of licence types (eg. having commercial, community, narrowcast, public etc. radio licenses) is a joke and it should all be simplified in to one licence type…commercial (this doesn’t mean that station have to be commercial in nature), existing broadcasters should retain a commercial licence and more room should be made available for more stations. The stations to which people choose to listen would survive and be competitive.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope that you felt better after that rant. If pain persists, start a blog dedicated to refuting everything I write…that should keep you busy.


September 19th, 2009 at 05:25pm

No Geraldine, I think not

Geraldine Nordfeldt has written a short story on page 18 of today’s The Canberra Times about the Mike Welsh/Michael Thompson documentary All Talk which was launched on Tuesday. The article is rather good for a game of “spot the errors”.

All Talk article from page 18 of The Canberra Times, Saturday, September 19, 2009

OK, from the top.

spent three years interviewing five of their most passionate and quirkiest listeners.

It was probably three years or more from the time the idea was conceived to the final product, but filming started in 2007, not 2006.

Lon Morgan [..] spends many hours riding his bike with his radio strapped to the handlebars in Dickson, where he made a special crossing for his cat.

I’m pretty sure that you’d be more likely to find Lon’s radio dangling from his neck…but I’ll have to watch the video again to confirm it.

Lon’s cat crossing is on his driveway, not in some random part of the Dickson shops as implied by the article.

Former school teacher Betty Gill is not very tolerant of the current generation

When did she say that Geraldine? I don’t recall that being in the documentary, or being her general demeanour at the launch. She’s not afraid to use her sharp tongue on people who cross her, but that’s not the same thing.

while local blogger Samuel Gordon Stuart spends many hours recording radio and making news tapes.

Ummm, what? Firstly, you got my name wrong Geraldine. Blogger’s name + Google = Accuracy. Gordon hyphen ess tee eee double-you ‘ey are tee.

Secondly, if only I had the time and storage space of Media Monitors…I’d love to record hours of radio. I record it occasionally Geraldine, very occasionally.

And what in seventy-three types of manufactured magnetic audio cassettes are “news tapes”? Are you perhaps referring to the brief bit of footage from a couple years ago where I was reading the news for Australian Independent Radio News?

Unfortunately Bruce “The Goose” died during filming

The late Bruce “The Goose” Bennett sadly passed away on the afternoon of the 25th of June, 2007, a couple months before filming. (I sent an email to Stuart Bocking about it, which is why I can be sure of the date).

I suppose this all just gives me more reason to write about the documentary…and an angle to work with, as I’ve been struggling to decide how to approach it given that I don’t think I can write a review due to my involvement.


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