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How to get a job: let ACA follow you in to the interview with a large camera

A Current Affair had a story this evening about tips for job interviews. It was the usual fare…make eye contact, dress appropriately, etcetera, but what made this interesting was that they found two people who have been unsuccessful in job interviews for some time, gave them a crash course in interview technique, dressed them, gave them a haircut, and sent them in to job interviews that they (the people, not ACA) had already lined up.

One of the people went for an insurance job in a “Sydney skyscraper”. The candidate told us that the interview was short and to the point…he got the job, apparently. The other person went for a customer service job with Woolworths, and the ACA camera followed her in to the interview which just happened to be with a “HR executive” which one can only assume is code for “a high-ranking HR person” in the Woolworths organisation. ACA interviewed the executive after the interview and showed us a snippet of her describing the candidate with positive remarks. Not surprisingly, she also got the job.

A Current Affair then told us that they didn’t influence the outcome of the interviews. For the first job, that may very well be true…but highly questionable for the second. There is absolutely no way that Woolworths would allow a camera in to a job interview and then turn around and not hire the candidate, unless the candidate had done something on-camera to make them unemployable.

The Woolworths executive makes the whole thing even more suspicious. Either ACA took a camera in to the job interview and forced Woolworths’ hand in doing so, or the candidate got the job, and Woolworths agreed to a dummy interview for the sake of publicity…in which case ACA have misled their viewers by claiming that they were in the real interview, and claiming that the executive was the original interviewer (they had previously gone on and on and on about “first impressions).

Either way, it was a dodgy story, which is a real shame considering that, until then, the episode had been pretty good.


September 8th, 2009 at 11:41pm

How not to advertise takeaway food

I’m glad I wasn’t eating at the time when I saw this ad, as my gastrological needs would probably have reversed…I was about to have dinner though, so I did delay eating.

The ad was on WIN TV’s Shepparton service during the news this evening and was for one of the kebab shops and featured a voiceover touting the excellence of their food and service…sadly the video didn’t back up the claims. The video showed some rather pale looking greasy meat being “cooked” (sorry, I’m just not convinced that the meat was actually being cooked…it looked like it was merely rotating), which was followed by a shot of the meat dripping.

Yes, dripping! Perhaps they were thawing it. Whatever was going on, the sight of pale greasy meat dripping some sort of gunk is rather off-putting.

Unfortunately I have no idea which shop was being advertised as I had to turn away. I suppose I’ll just have to avoid all kebab shops for a while, lest I get that awful mental image again.


September 8th, 2009 at 10:01pm

So where is the real AFL Premiership Cup?

Either the AFL have an amazing Premiership Cup which can be in many places at once, or they’re using a fake cup.

This week and for some of next week, the AFL in partnership with Toyota are sending a bunch of AFL players around Victoria and bits of New South Wales for footy clinics with school kids and I had the opportunity to meet up with them when they came through Deniliquin this afternoon. As part of their show, they get the kids to make as much noise as they can to coax a “mystery guest” out of a box…the mystery guest being the AFL Premiership Cup. The kids are told that this is “the cup which will be won at the Grand Final”.

You can imagine my surprise then, when I saw on Nine News this evening, a story about an announcement by the AFL that performers from the stage show Jersey Boys will be singing the national anthem before the match starts…and they were posing with the Premiership Cup in Melbourne…a cup which I was led to believe was travelling through Cobram, Deniliquin and Echuca throughout the day, and more importantly, the school kids were led to believe was right in front of them.

So, Australian Football League, where is the real cup?

It looks like I have some extra phone calls to make tomorrow.


September 8th, 2009 at 07:59pm

Good evening to 99.3FM listeners in Sydney

A quick hello to the listeners of 99.3FM in Sydney. With any luck today’s segment will become a regular or semi-regular thing…we’ll see how it goes.

Also a thank you to Oly Peterson for having me on the show this afternoon.


September 8th, 2009 at 07:47pm

2QN/Classic Rock Regional News September 8

More than half a dozen AFL players will visit Deniliquin, Echuca and Cobram today to run specialised footy clinics with school kids, giving them a rare opportunity to learn from players at the elite level.

Police continue to be frustrated by the spate of assaults in the region, with more assaults recorded on the weekend.

Deniliquin North Public School is one of only twenty schools across the country to receive a 25 thousand dollar award for community partnership.

Country Energy will spend $440,000 in the coming months to upgrade the high voltage power grid from Deniliquin, which feeds Barham, Moulamein and surrounds, to ensure that it is up to scratch before the summer peak usage period arrives.

Murray Shire Mayor Brian Sharp has sought to clarify the confusion surrounding the proposed fluoridation of the Moama and Mathoura water supplies.
Mr. Sharp says the Council still intends on going ahead with the fluoridation, which would bring Moama and Mathoura in line with a large number of other towns including Echuca, which has had fluoride for 25 years, and Deniliquin, which has had it for five.

Round two of Campaspe Shire’s community grants program opens today, with applications welcome in the categories of heritage, cultural, environment, assistance, events and recreation.
Details and the application form can be found on the Campaspe shire website…applications close on Friday October the 2nd.

In round 12 of Deni Mixed Indoor Netball, wins went to The Hot Shots, Band Aid, The Magnums and The Easy Beats.

The Deni Sports and Entertainment Stadium will be holding a short pre-season indoor cricket season on Tuesdays from 6pm, and are looking for a few more players.
If you’re interested, give John a call at the stadium on 5881 4100 for more details.


September 8th, 2009 at 09:47am


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