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Mondays With Maritz: Mr. Boss is do of away times

Much hello to the all do reading today,

The week of gone has been a time of the interesting as I have been do of some workings but Mr. Boss has been need to see me go to the time off away from the workings as while he does urgently visiting to relative of interstate. This is of the probably two weeks as he has said to be paying me for two weeks time of workings without the doing come to the workings and then to be see of what does do happen.

I am did have interesting of time for gardenings in the working as there is big parts of garden which in two parts are to be for different plantings with one for the flowers and other for compost so I have did do build the compost placing first as is the easier and more of urgent but was strangeness as Mr. Boss did do of say to be putting of compost next to house door which is where I would be do of put the flowers but was do the follow for instruictings and did do build of the compost there next to doo front house of do and started with the building of placing the manure, cough syrup and vodka mix which I am do first with all compostings as I am do find that this is for the speeding as the worms are much happy with mix for making attract them and so they then do find to do work in more quickly and then eat of vegetable scraps.

I am did do this building on Tuesday time of last week after before when Mr. Boss was do out for the vists to Mr. Nathan of the parliamentary and did do finish workings that day and then did do come to workings of day in next time and Mr. Boss was much of not happy as he did do mistake of the tellings and did not want the compostings and smells in gradren out of front of house and was much confused to as thinking of me and I had been do of mistakings which was correctioned for later when he did do realise of calimg and them did do say of interstate vists and to be for me to taking week of time off please which I am do and enjoying time with nice cat Slavcatchski.

I am do hope that all is well with you and that you are doing compostings in your gradrens which are of good and I can be do provide in next week time of writing for the good compostings mixtures and methods which are do of help.

Please to be weeks of lovely much.

From Maritz
Ms. Maritzkrozlavsky Throrglasnishozly

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2QN/Classic Rock Regional News Headlines September 7

Owners of electric scooters and wheelchairs will find life a little bit easier in the shire of Campaspe thanks to the shire’s introduction of the RECHARGE scheme, placing recharge points for the scooters and wheelchairs in public and private building.

The state-wide embargo on the sale of water licences in New South Wales might not be lifted until the end of the month.

Goulburn Murray Water has come under fire for an apparent decision to send 40 gigalitres of water to Melbourne, but not allocate any water to local irrigators.

The Goulburn Ovens Murray region has been the second hardest hit in the country by the economic downturn, according to a study by Bankwest. The region has recorded a 10 per cent fall in employment since November 2007, which is only beaten by the mining area of Western Australia.

The report also found that Conargo has the highest concentration of a single industry in the country, with 81.4 per cent of people in the area employed in agriculture, far exceeding the next highest concentration which is 31% in Holroyd, Sydney, working in manufacturing.

The battle over the proposed Echuca Moama Bridge continues after VicRoads briefed the Moama Council on their preferred option last week.
Moama councillor Tom Weyrich says VicRoads option is simply not good enough.

Six AFL superstars will visit Deniliquin and Echuca tomorrow to hold specialised footy clinics with kids as part of the Toyota Aurion V6 All Star Footy Bus program.

Jerilderie are the premiers in this year’s Picola District Football League after they kicked a goal in the final moments to defeat Berrigan 9.14 (68) to 8.17 (65) in the grand final on Saturday.


September 7th, 2009 at 09:44am

Mike Carlton is gone

Mike Carlton has announced his resignation from 2UE today so that he can return to The Sydney Morning Herald, although one suspects that there may be more to the story. The Herald previously sacked him, but are now taking him back, presumably to allow their Fairfax stablemate 2UE to relaunch Breakfast and have another go at getting some market share back from…well, every other station in Sydney. It’s not just the market leading Alan Jones show on 2GB which they need to defeat any more.

Mike’s final day with the station will be Friday September 18. John Stanley will fill Mike’s place on Breakfast until the end of the year. Sandy Aloisi will remain as co-host, and “The Two Murrays” Murray Olds and Murray Wilton will fill in for John Stanley on Drive.

According to a story in today’s Brisbane Times (yes, The Brisbane Times…I’m hoping it’s a reprint of a Sydney Morning Herald story), Mike made it clear to station management at the beginning of the year that he wouldn’t continue beyond the end of this year…which really makes me wonder 2UE haven’t tried to make significant changes to Breakfast before now, especially seeing as Alan Jones has had a significant amount of time off over at 2GB.

Meanwhile the Murray Old Appreciation Society informs me that Murray Olds will be filling in for Sandy Aloisi this week.

There is no word at this stage as to who will fill Murray Wilton’s spot on weekends with Clive Robertson…something you would expect 2UE to want to bed down within the next few weeks before network stations (or maybe it’s not plural…perhaps 2CC is the only network station) return to the show when the football finals end. Update: Well it may very well not even reach singular status…2CC are sticking with 2GB’s Weekend Detention over summer, which is a break from what they have done in previous years. See comments below. End Update


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