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Mondays With Maritz: Mr. Boss is do of away times

September 7th, 2009 at 05:48pm

Much hello to the all do reading today,

The week of gone has been a time of the interesting as I have been do of some workings but Mr. Boss has been need to see me go to the time off away from the workings as while he does urgently visiting to relative of interstate. This is of the probably two weeks as he has said to be paying me for two weeks time of workings without the doing come to the workings and then to be see of what does do happen.

I am did have interesting of time for gardenings in the working as there is big parts of garden which in two parts are to be for different plantings with one for the flowers and other for compost so I have did do build the compost placing first as is the easier and more of urgent but was strangeness as Mr. Boss did do of say to be putting of compost next to house door which is where I would be do of put the flowers but was do the follow for instruictings and did do build of the compost there next to doo front house of do and started with the building of placing the manure, cough syrup and vodka mix which I am do first with all compostings as I am do find that this is for the speeding as the worms are much happy with mix for making attract them and so they then do find to do work in more quickly and then eat of vegetable scraps.

I am did do this building on Tuesday time of last week after before when Mr. Boss was do out for the vists to Mr. Nathan of the parliamentary and did do finish workings that day and then did do come to workings of day in next time and Mr. Boss was much of not happy as he did do mistake of the tellings and did not want the compostings and smells in gradren out of front of house and was much confused to as thinking of me and I had been do of mistakings which was correctioned for later when he did do realise of calimg and them did do say of interstate vists and to be for me to taking week of time off please which I am do and enjoying time with nice cat Slavcatchski.

I am do hope that all is well with you and that you are doing compostings in your gradrens which are of good and I can be do provide in next week time of writing for the good compostings mixtures and methods which are do of help.

Please to be weeks of lovely much.

From Maritz
Ms. Maritzkrozlavsky Throrglasnishozly

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  • 1. nbrettoner  |  September 9th, 2009 at 8:01 am

    Impressed most of postings this, that much so much forwardings I have to two friends I have.
    Firstly outwith lationtrans attached, as to fiddle with wrong would be. Hopefully it will make sense perfectly them to, outwith fiddled me by.
    Most greetings of loveliness to Mr? Slavcatchski.
    ie pat head upon top, chin-undertickle ears be rubbed, please.
    Mixings Vodka Syrup coughings to be taken not you by!.
    Mr Boss be west far Russians sending you you stoppings of doings or elses!!!
    Warnings extremely matter of this.

    Have considered you, offering name Maritz bottling Vodkas companies products rangings for?, or soundings machineries plurry good stuff makers?.

    Good day be enjoying you please,
    Much regardenings,
    boring-named plains Noel

  • 2. Samuel  |  September 9th, 2009 at 4:26 pm

    It’ll take me the rest of the week to recover from reading that Noel! Most amusing.


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