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Happy Birthday Marcella Zemanek

Today is the birthday of Marcella Zemanek, wife of the late Stan Zemanek.

Marcella has a weekly movie review segment on Glenn Wheeler’s weekend afternoon show on 2UE, and Glenn has turned it in to a birthday party.

Happy Birthday Marcella!


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Vodafone’s Reid Cell Out Of Action

I just noticed that my mobile phone is barely getting a signal. Usually at home it gets a signal from Vodafone’s “Reid” tower (although I have no idea where that transmitter is based as I certainly haven’t seen it), and at the moment it is getting its signal from the Campbell tower.

Update 3pm: It’s back on the air now.


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Favourite Police Shows

Good afternoon Glenn,

My favourite police drama is Water Rats which channel Nine screened a few years back. I am also a fan of The Bill, especially now that it has mostly done away with the soap opera storylines and returned to solving crimes.

And unlike Domenic, I can't stand CSI. As far as I'm concerned it's an annoying waste of an hour of air-time…although I could say that about most of the shows on television these days.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

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Google Ads

You may have noticed that the Google Ads returned from a lengthy absence recently. They disappeared earlier this year when Google sent me a personal identification number through the post and I forgot to enter it, and then misplaced it. Google then cut off the ads, and I eventually remembered to ask them to re-send the PIN, which they did. I then entered it, and the ads returned.

Now that they are back, they are posing a minor administrative nuisance as some of them are promoting things which I believe to be fundamentally false. Once such ad I have spotted is for a website called “The Big Switch” which tried to encourage people to convince their local politician that climate change is caused by human activity. I sent the following email to the organisers of that website a short time ago:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to inform you that, effective immediately, I am blocking your Google advertisements for from being displayed on my website.

It is my strong view that climate change is a mostly natural phenomenon, and I will not allow you to run your scare campaign on my website.

I commend you for standing up for what you believe in, but I’m not going to accept any money for advertisements promoting something I believe to be fundamentally incorrect.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

I have now blocked ads for that website, but it could take a few hours for the block to come in to effect.

I’m not going to try and block ads for political parties as I believe they have a right to advertise wherever they like during an election campaign, but other ads that promote things I strongly disagree with will be banned if and when I spot them.


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