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Good evening Stuart,

It's very nice to see the rain, although I am a tad disappointed that it is expected to stay in town until I leave Sydney on Saturday. I do hope that tomorrow's thunderstorm turns up as I have never seen a coastal thunderstorm…it will probably be much the same as an inland thunderstorm, but it would be nice to see anyway.

Incidentally, do you mind if I take the rain with me to Canberra on the weekend?

Samuel Gordon-Stewart
On leave in Sydney

October 24th, 2007 at 11:00pm

Photos Are On Their Way!

But they may take a while…I’ve got just under 100 to upload, and I’m averaging 7 kilobytes per second and a couple megabytes per photo.

I’m currently uploading 89 of the photos, and I’ll make the gallery publicly available once it completes. I’ll deal with uploading the other photos, and the captions, and my write-up after that. Today has been good, but a bit too long for me to try and write a description of the last few days before I have the photos uploaded.

Update 8:29pm: Unfortunately the Unwired connection’s upload speed is getting lower…and the signal strength seems to be failing a bit in the wet weather. The good news is that I have temporarily moved over to the hotel’s Internet connection which is averaging 60 kilobytes per second…much better upload speed, but a bit more expensive than the Unwired connection. It, thankfully, will fit in to the budget. End Update

Update 10:58pm: Now averaging 15-20 kilobytes per second…this is incredibly exciting…so much so that if you have some paint I can borrow, I’ll go and watch it dry. End Update

(On leave in Sydney)

October 24th, 2007 at 07:56pm

Wednesday in Sydney

It’s Wednesday and it looks like it will rain, I would like a day or two with a bit of rain while I’m here, but the weather forecast looks a bit dire:
Sydney Weather Forecast
(Courtesy of Weatherzone)

Wet until I leave…and even worse it looks like Canberra will only get a sprinkle.

On the agenda for today, a trip on the monorail to cut down walking time to Martin Place. There is, apparently, a Harvey Norman printing centre there, and I have some digital photos that need to be printed before I visit 2UE this afternoon to watch John Stanley’s afternoon show and meet Frankster.

Then it’s back to the hotel for the afternoon…and that means I have no excuse for not uploading all the photos I have of the week so far (and the handful of videos).

And while those photos are uploading, I’ll be able to summarise yesterday’s events for you.

(On leave in Sydney)

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