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Local Polls

Hi Stuart,

It's a good point you make about the political polls usually not taking individual seats in to account. This is a particular nuisance for me as I am running as an independent candidate in the upcoming federal election, and I am not represented in these polls! The fact that my seat is considered a safe Labor seat makes it even harder as it is only marginal seats that ever seem to get any attention from these polls.

Also I think the Democrats are on to something with their suggestion today that we should have fixed four year terms for federal parliament. I agree with their sentiments about fixed terms because this stupid guessing game we are forced to endure every election about the election date is very annoying. That being said, I would much rather have three year terms than four year terms as I think four years is just a bit too long between elections.

And I will also be putting a few dollars on Bruce The Goose at Port Macquarie tomorrow. I reckon Stan and Bruce will be having a flutter on it up in heaven as well.

Have a great weekend Stuart.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

October 5th, 2007 at 10:30pm

Press Release: Federal Liberal and Labor Parties Should Admit They Don’t Believe Humans Responsible For Global Warming: Samuel Gordon-Stewart

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Independent candidate for Fraser, Samuel Gordon-Stewart, says the approval of the Gunns’ Pulp Mill in Tasmania is proof the federal Liberal and Labor parties do not believe humans are responsible for climate change.

“Many environment groups have stated that the Gunns’ Pulp Mill will increase the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions by an inordinate amount. New South Wales Greens senator Kerry Nettle stated on radio last night that the increase would be a whopping two per cent.” Mr. Gordon-Stewart said.

“The fact that both the federal Labor and federal Liberal parties have welcomed a pulp mill that will increase greenhouse emissions by this much is proof that they don’t believe humans are responsible for climate change.”

“This is a view I fully endorse, and I strongly encourage the federal Labor and federal Liberal parties to admit to it.”

“I also welcome the pulp mill. The federal chief scientist has set down some very sensible rules for the operation of the pulp mill, and I believe the mill is a good thing for Tasmania, and the nation as a whole.”


Media Contact: Samuel Gordon-Stewart 0405 302 499

October 5th, 2007 at 03:50pm


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