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Press Release: Talk Radio in Canberra starts webstream – highlights need for broadband network

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Independent candidate for Fraser, Samuel Gordon-Stewart, has welcomed the news that 666 ABC Canberra has launched a webstream.

“Canberra is blessed with two locally focussed talk radio stations, and I am very pleased to see that one of them has put Canberra on the Internet in this way.” Mr. Gordon-Stewart said.

“People are turning to the Internet for information more regularly these days. Talk radio is one of the few places where people can easily express and debate their views, and it is good to see that talk radio in Canberra is now available to the world.”

“This will not only allow people from outside Canberra to get a better insight in to issues which affect Canberra, but also provide Canberrans with the ability to more easily stay in touch with their community when out of town, and enable Canberrans located in an analog radio blackspot to hear a station they would otherwise miss out on.”

“I can only hope that the few stations which currently do not have a webstream, implement one soon.”

Mr Gordon-Stewart also highlighted the fact that the ever-growing amount of content online makes it imperative that a national broadband network be set up as a matter of priority.

“It is disturbing that a metropolitan area such as Canberra could have any areas which do not have high-speed Internet access. One of my key policies is the immediate rollout of broadband services to all areas of the nation that currently do not have access, and the subsequent rollout of a majority government owned national high-speed fibre to the home broadband network.”

“It is important that everyone has the ability to access the many sources of information available on the Internet in conjunction with the more traditional sources of information, as a well-informed society benefits everyone.”


Media Contact: Samuel Gordon-Stewart 0405 302 499

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