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Friday Funnies: Animator Vs. Animation

This week’s Friday Funny was forwarded to me by Marg in Canberra. It was created by Alan Becker.

This is best viewed with the sound on.

Animator vs. Animation by *alanbecker on deviantART

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2 comments October 26th, 2007 at 10:19am

Calling the RTA

Good morning Lawsie,

I enjoyed your call to the RTA this morning. I rang them yesterday to ask them a question and ended up listening to a three minute recorded lecture about the toll roads of Sydney, and then had to mutter at the hold music for a while.

As per your experience though, the staff were helpful…I bet the bloke you first spoke to got a shock when you mentioned your name!

Samuel Gordon-Stewart
Canberran on leave in Sydney

October 26th, 2007 at 09:30am

JH not in Bennelong

It looks like John Howard won’t be paying his electorate of Bennelong a visit after all. The staff of his electorate office have informed me that they are not expecting him to be in the electorate today.

Reading between the lines of that and the various news reports, it would appear to me that Mr. Howard is staying in Perth for the moment to offer his condolences to the family of the SAS soldier who was killed in Afghanistan yesterday.

I’ll continue to monitor media reports of Mr. Howard’s movements, and if he does return to Sydney, I may have to take an early Saturday morning outing to Kirribilli to meet (or at least greet) the PM on his morning walk.

I must say that I wasn’t impressed by the “no discussion of the PM’s movements” and “you must write a letter to meet the prime minister” responses of his Canberra office when I called them before the electorate office opened. They might be trying to avoid the PM being ambushed by The Chaser, but he is a representative of the people, and some people might like to meet their representatives on occasion. I thank the staff of his electorate office for being much more friendly.

Still on leave in Sydney

October 26th, 2007 at 09:15am

Agenda for a wonderfully wet day in Sydney

It’s a lovely wet day here in Sydney, so I doubt I’ll be visiting a beach, but there is plenty to do none the less.

The agenda for today:

Now: A walk with an umbrella and possibly the camera

Later: Ring John Howard’s electorate office and work out where I can find him to say “hello” and hopefully get a photo with him.

Later: Visit 2GB in Pyrmont and drop off a present for Jason Morrison.

Later: Meet John Howard. (Note that this is not optional…I will be extremely disappointed and somewhat offended if his office advise that he will not be in town long enough to meet me).

4:30ish: Meet occasional contributor Irene, previously of Brisbane and now of Sydney…and possibly another occasional contributor, Charity. (Looks like a late change of plans has caused a cancellation of this one)

8pm or some time thereafter: Ring Stuart Bocking about something, after all I’ve been in Sydney all week and I haven’t rung him yet. I rang John Stanley yesterday but couldn’t get to the phone straight away when I wanted to ring, and therefore left it a bit late and didn’t get to talk to him.

It should be a good day.

(Almost ready to be on leave in Canberra)

4 comments October 26th, 2007 at 07:32am

Friday News Review

Good morning Mike and Fitz,

Congratulations on a fantastic Friday News Review this week. I could barely stop laughing all the way through it, well done.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart
Canberran on leave in Sydney

October 26th, 2007 at 07:30am

John Howard in Sydney

Apparently John Howard will be in Sydney today. Hopefully this means he will be campaigning in Bennelong as I would like to meet him while I am in Sydney.

John Howard was in Perth at 8:15 last night, so I would imagine that he is staying there overnight and will arrive in Sydney at some stage today. If I can’t find him today, perhaps he will stay in Sydney overnight, and I could make my way to Kirribilli (which, incidentally, Firefox’s spell checker wants to change to “Billionaires” and a few derivatives thereof, as well as Irritability and Billiards) early tomorrow morning and meet Mr. Howard on his morning walk.
Firefox tries to turn Kirribilli in to Billionaires

In slightly related news, It is almost impossible to walk through a few streets in Canberra at the moment without spotting a house with a “Your rights at work” signs in the front yard. Sydney has its fair share of those signs, but I was very surprised when I saw the following sign in the front yard of a house on the corner of Bellevue Avenue and Sarner Road in Greenwich, just a couple streets away from the 2UE studios.
Vote 1 Joe Hockey sign on a house in Greenwich

And in true political style, one helping of positive publicity is never enough.
Vote 1 Joe Hockey sign on a house in Greenwich

(Still on leave in Sydney)

October 26th, 2007 at 03:21am


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