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Waiting on hold

Good evening Stuart,

It's good to hear that your voice has returned. Did it enjoy its holidays? Next time it decides to have a holiday you should ask it if you can go too.

You were just talking about waiting on hold…well you're that popular Stuart that I have to settle for emailing you most nights. Whenever I ring, the queue is too long for me to have time to wait on hold!

I will persevere one of these nights, I'll ring at 4pm and wait on hold, maybe that's the trick to getting through. Either that or you could fill in for Clive one night, I never had any problems getting through to you on that shift.

Have a great night.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

5 comments October 1st, 2007 at 10:30pm

Samuel’s Persiflage

On Thursday and Friday I replied to a handful of emails from people wondering when the next episode of Samuel’s Persiflage would be released. It was supposed to be a short episode, and I was going to release it today, unfortunately that hasn’t been possible.

I have set myself a new target, I will put it together tonight, and it will be slightly longer than I had originally planned. It should be online tomorrow morning.


October 1st, 2007 at 03:07pm

Welcome Back to Canberra

Good afternoon Glenn and, now that the football season is over, welcome back to Canberra,

I actually slept through all of the NRL grand final, and the team I was backing lost. I had the radio on so I woke up briefly during half time and heard bits of the Frank Hyde tribute. I didn't hear enough of it to pass judgement, but I heard a very good tribute on the radio during the afternoon.

I, much like you, am working this afternoon, and if it's not too busy at work I'll have you on in the background.

By the way, any word on Stuart Bocking? Has his voice recovered over the weekend?

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

1 comment October 1st, 2007 at 12:30pm


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