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Samuel’s Footy Tips

I’m sorry, it has been one of those weeks where I have barely had any time to do anything.

Anyway, the AFL is still continuing the split round they started last week, so the only new tips you get today are the NRL tips.

Warriors V Panthers (This game started at 6:30 and I have missed its start, and therefore don’t get to enter a tip for it)
Sea Eagles v Bulldogs
Raiders v Cowboys
Titans v Knights
Roosters v Eels
Rabbitohs v Sharks
Storm v Dragons
Broncos v Wests Tigers


June 22nd, 2007 at 06:49pm

Fads and phases in education

Good morning Mike,

You had an interesting interview just after 7:30 about education, and I found the discussion of fads and phases in teaching methods quite interesting. In my experience almost everything in education is affected by fads and phases.

I remember when I was in high school  the policy on mobile phones changed regularly, I had three different principals during my four years of high school and they all had a different policy, and they even changed their policies from one week to the next. One of them banned students from even bringing phones to school, even if they were turned off and stored in a school bag. This policy was enforced heavily for about two days, with phones being confiscated whenever a teacher saw them, then they all lost interest and the policy was changed. That same policy was reinstated about a month later, and lasted for a week.

It was a big change when I got to college and found that because students are treated like adults (and expected to act like adults in return), the only policy on phones was that teachers could request that they be turned off in class. Generally the students complied because staff were being reasonable…and the policy didn't change. If the high school policy on phones hadn't changed from one week to the next an awful lot of time and angst would have been saved.

Have a good weekend.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

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