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Abandoned Post-It Notes

I have noticed a recent increase in the number of post-it notes that seem to be discarded on the ground in public areas such as streets and shopping centres. Many of these post-it notes contain seemingly random and useless squiggles and bits of text, probably jotted down as notes at some stage, however, more alarmingly, many of the post-it notes I have noticed contain names and their associated mobile phone numbers, and in one case even included a full residential address and the time of an arranged meeting at that address.

Many people seem to derive some pleasure from overhearing the strange details of other people’s lives when they insist on shouting them through a mobile phone in a supermarket. Whist this provides some insight in to the life of the shouter, it isn’t static, and there is no real permanent record of the conversation, and the details are usually quite vague. In comparison to these post-it notes littered with private information, the phone calls are quite innocuous.

I wonder, am I the only one who has noticed this recent surge in discarded post-it notes? And I also wonder, given the way post-it notes are used to record all sorts of important and confidential business information, how much commercially sensitive data is being inadvertently leaked in this way?

Probably even more concerning is the first thing I thought after spotting two discarded post-it notes yesterday…”I really need to start taking the camera with me”.


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This week’s Friday Funny comes from Tarleah, and is a collection of amusing (but fake) error messages. Tarleah sent in a heap more but I think these are the pick of the bunch.


Do you have something you would like to contribute to Friday Funnies? If so, email it to All contributions welcome!


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Good Morning George Moore

Good morning Mr. Moore,

It's a pleasure to hear you again, although it's a pity you don't have Paul B. Kidd with you. You were the first talkback host I ever sent an email to (back in late 2003), at the time, much like today, you were filling in for Lawsie.

It's great to hear you in Canberra again, and I hope you're well.

Best wishes,
Samuel Gordon-Stewart

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If Ceilings Were Floors

Whilst having a rather annoying stomach pain overnight and lying on the floor in an effort (quite a successful one I might add) to alleviate the pain, something occurred to me that has occurred to me on many previous occasions, and probably goes some way towards proving my partial insanity.

If ceilings were floors, they would never meet the applicable safety standards because they have all of these things sticking out of them, effectively posing a trip hazard. It’s not immediately apparent just how much is sticking out of the ceiling simply by looking at it, so what I suggest you do at some stage during the day is look at the room you are in upside-down. Arguably the best way to do this is to either lie on the floor and position your head so that it is almost upside down, or do a handstand (or as close as you can get to it), then look around the room. All of those light fixtures, exit signs, fire sprinklers, uneven grills on air conditioning outlets, smoke detectors, security alarm sensors…and in some cases even the fluorescent lights aren’t level with the ceiling.

If gravity were reversed in buildings, we would have completely useless and dangerous floors (and that’s not even taking in to account the tiled ceilings that would fall in to a gap, exposing all the wiring and air conditioning ducts, in many office buildings…but it’s more fun to imagine that the ceiling is solid).

To the same extent, what if we did build buildings the other way up? It would be rather odd having the lights and air conditioning vents in the floor…and those emergency exit signs would make a lot of sense on the floor, especially as we are taught that in a fire you should get as low to the ground as possible to minimise your exposure to smoke.

I do have to admit though, that it wouldn’t make much sense to have carpeted ceilings.


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Samuel’s Footy Tips

And now that I’ve remembered to score the last round, I will post my tips for this weekend…and seeing as it is time for the annual split round in the AFL, the AFL half of the weekend after.

NRL Round 14
Bulldogs v Broncos
Eagles v Rabbitohs
Sharks v Warriors
Panthers v Roosters
Cowboys v Storm
Eels v Dragons
Tigers v Titans
Knights v Raiders

AFL Round 12
Blues v Hawks
Kangaroos v Crows
Bulldogs v Dockers
Cats v Lions
Power v Bombers
Tigers v Demons
Swans v Magpies
Eagles v Saints


June 15th, 2007 at 06:22am

Samuel’s Footy Tips: Results

Looks like I forgot to do this at the other end of the week, and it’s safe to say that I was unable to replicate my previous decent NRL tipping performance.

Weekly Results
NRL Round 13: 2/6 (33.33%)
AFL Round 11: 3/8 (37.50%)

Total Scores
NRL: 47/98 (47.96%)
AFL: 48/88 (54.55%)
Total: 95/186 (51.08%)


June 15th, 2007 at 05:22am


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