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Warmer Autumn brings predictable climate change alarm from ABC News

Good morning Mike,

I don't know if you saw ABC Television News last night or not, but I saw one of their updates and was, unfortunately, not surprised by one of the stories.

They ran a story about autumn being warmer than usual. As far as I can tell it came from the following press release from the Bureau Of Meteorology

The press release doesn't mention how much warmer it was, just that various places didn't have their usual cold temperatures, and a few were actually cooler than usual.

ABC News took a different angle…according to them the temperature was two degrees warmer than usual, and the cause? Climate change of course! Never mind that a two degree increase in temperatures as a result of climate change in the space of a few months would not only be unprecedented, but completely contradict the entire "carbon levels equal temperature" nonsense.

I'm just waiting for the end of winter when we all get told that it was a bit colder than usual, and it's all due to climate change. They will probably tell us some nonsense about how all that ice that melted because of global warming during summer and autumn made the water and therefore the entire southern hemisphere a bit colder during winter.

By the way, when you get a chance have a listen to the 3am news from 2UE…that silly story about some nutter from CommSec saying we should sell Australia Post to prevent climate change, then another person saying that the government needs to spell out their policy on selling Australia Post before the next election. Oddly enough, Senator Helen Coonan did that yesterday.

And today, apparently, is World Environment Day, which inevitably means yet another excuse for a bunch of nutty press releases from people who claim the Black Mountain will soon be under water (yes, somebody did suggest that to me the other day…I think they were joking, but knowing the way these things spread it will probably be the headline some time in the next year).

Have a great day!

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

2 comments June 5th, 2007 at 04:58am

Regional Breakfast Shows

Good morning again Abe and Mr. Robertson,

Here is the list that you wanted of regional breakfast hosts:

2BH – Graeme Maxwell-Jones (although their website still lists Stan Zemanek as a presenter, it could be out of date)
Great Lakes FM – If anybody can make sense of their website they are doing well
2LT – Paul Wise (According to Jock's Journal)
2NM – Rick Manchin (apparently with a lucky five dollar note and a cactus)
2ST – Barry Mac
4BU – Trevor Leutton (another website featuring Stan)
4KZ – Paul James
4RO – Michael J Bailey (according to their newsletter on the Rockhampton Chamber of Commerce website)
3YB – Jon Vertigan, using the name Verto

Hope this helps!

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

June 5th, 2007 at 03:58am

The buttons in the washing machine

Good morning Abe and Mr. Robertson,

Late last night while I was preparing for work (I could be more graphic, but for your sake I won't be), I noticed that yet another button had gone missing from one of my shirts. I am starting to wonder if my washing machine is hungry, and if so, are the buttons really all that tasty? Have you ever needed to feed your washing machine in order to stop it eating your buttons? If so it would be really great if you could let me know what your washing machine likes to eat.

The tiny writing being used by Fox for their Tennis coverage is unfortunately not unique to Fox. I've never quite understood why Tennis always attracts such minuscule writing, but it doesn't bother me as I can't stand Tennis for any longer than about 20 minutes at a time anyway.

Incidentally, I would be happy to have Peter Costello as prime minister, but only if he continues to the treasurer. Unfortunately I don't think anybody else in either the government or the opposition has the credentials or ability to handle the economy as well as he has.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

June 5th, 2007 at 01:28am


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