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The Old Pacific Highway

Good evening Stuart,

I was very disappointed on the weekend when the blame game started over who was responsible for maintaining the Old Pacific Highway.

As far as I'm concerned, nothing could have prevented the tragedy that occurred there. All the photos and television footage clearly show that a lot of the ground underneath the road was washed away, and as we know whenever a flood washes away the ground underneath something, it washes away whatever was sitting on that ground as well.

It's absolutely terrible and tragic that a family got washed away in a car on that bit of road, but I don't think we can really blame any official for the road getting washed away, and I think we should instead focus on helping the family and friends who have been left behind with their grief.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

8 comments June 11th, 2007 at 10:57pm

Synchronised Dimming

This morning I had a conversation with John Kerr around the time that a French Open tennis match was concluding. During our conversation John interrupted with the final result of the tennis match, and innocently asked me a leading question about the tennis players involved. I’m certain that the answer to this question was “yes”, but I didn’t really know and could only inform John that there a few sports I find more dull than tennis.

I really don’t care about tennis, the scores are mildly interesting, but the matches go on forever…twenty minutes is about the limit for me when it comes to watching tennis, after this I just can not possibly watch that ball getting hit backwards and forwards any more.

Oddly I can watch similarly repetitive sports, such as cricket, golf and lawn bowls for hours.

As the morning progressed, I started thinking about other sports which bore me to tears…the one that instantly sprung to mind was synchronised swimming which, to me, is probably the single most boring Olympic sport currently in existence.

However, when I mentioned it to myself, I accidentally said “synchronised dimming”, and this got me thinking, only a week or so ago the International Olympic Committee were considering adding skateboarding (another sport I can’t stand) to the Olympics in an effort to appeal to a younger audience, and naturally this got the more light hearted talkback radio shows discussing other sports people would like to see in the Olympics. This morning, after thinking of “synchronised dimming” I started to work out what it would entail as an Olympic sport.

The premise is actually quite simple. Teams of an arbitrary number of people compete in a light dimming competition. Each team member controls one dimmer switch attached to one light, and together the team have to put on a light show in synchronisation with whatever music they choose. I haven’t the faintest idea how the scoring would work, but I would imagine that if the dimmer switches were on a wall, bonus points could be awarded to the team that does the best dancing whilst controlling the lights.

I wonder, if I was to submit that idea to the International Olympic Committee, would there be any chance of seeing it in the 2016 Olympics?


June 11th, 2007 at 02:55pm

Letter To The Editor: You should not be allowed to have a website!

Samuel you are a disgrace to the Internet, your website nothing but a pile of garbage written by someone who can’t seperate his head from the trees, and you are WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG on EVERYTHING.

The Internet, like any medium, is here for people with proper minds to use for the dissemination of actual information and you do not do that, all you do is clog up the Internet with the nonsense that fills your head. I will give you some examples of how wrong you are.

You are wrong about climate change.
You are wrong about the ACT government.
You listen to the wrong radio station.
You can’t work out whether to capitlise every word in your titles or not.
You have a podcast where you talk about nothing for hours.
You are short.
You alter the results of all the polls.
You use Mozilla Firefox instead of Internet Explorer.
You argue with the people who leave comments.
Your opinions are always wrong.
You think people read your blog because they are interested in what you write.
You couldn’t think of a better name than “Samuel’s Blog”.
You can’t draw.

People like you should not be allowed to use computers or go anywhere near anything where your utter garbage and nonsense can be distributed to an audience. I will tell you now that all commercial radio should be closed because it is all filled with people who are wrong on everything EVERYTHING YES EVERYTHING and only the ABC left on because it has everyone who thinks with their brain and is correct about everything.

Television should be banned and the Internet should be moderated to prevent people like you who should be locked up from ever adding anything to it.

You are an idiot and must close your Blog NOW to stem the tide of your puerile nonsense which is bad for everyone.

Go away and don’t come back.


James Scolland

Even the terminally insane and those who just want to annoy me (I haven’t quite worked out which one James is yet) get to air their opinions by writing a Letter To The Editor…that one was quite amusing.

This is your chance to set the agenda on Samuel’s Blog, all you have to do is send a Letter To The Editor to Your letter can be about almost anything, and it can be from any part of the opinion spectrum, as long as there is some point to your letter. I don’t have to agree with your letter, but I am moderating, so the usual no defamation etc rules apply. For more details click here.


2 comments June 11th, 2007 at 07:13am

Samuel’s Blog Weekly Poll: The Queen’s Birthday

Today (Monday) is the Queen’s Birthday holiday in all states of Australia except for Western Australia, yet Queen Elizabeth II has her birthday on the 21st of April. Without going into a debate about whether the holiday should be forced on to a Monday, here is the poll question for this week.

Should the Queen’s Birthday holiday be held on or around the Queen’s actual birthday?

Total Votes: 25
Started: June 11, 2007

Last week I asked the following question:

What do you think the overall quality of television programming?

Total Votes: 29
Started: June 3, 2007

I have to admit that I was quite surprised that so many people share my view of television. I suppose it’s a good thing there is an “off” button!

For a list of all previous results, see the Weekly Poll Results page.


June 11th, 2007 at 04:26am


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