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Some people still have manners

Regular readers would know that I can be a bit of a nark, and grumble about things of minimal importance (perhaps this or this would be a good example) from time to time. This seems to happen more regularly than me praising something (such as the resolution to the first linked grumble) and I, as a result, tend to strike a lot of readers as a bit of a grumpy nutcase. Well today I have a positive story.

I don’t know about you, but when I see a small group of people (or a parent with a pram, or an elderly person) walking along a narrow passage way, I tend to move out of their way rather than trying to squeeze past them, usually when I do this the people I have made room for walk straight past, almost as if they were oblivious to my existence. I don’t mind this, and in fact I am quite used to it, so much so that I generally don’t even think about it.

This afternoon I was in Dickson at around 12:40 and was walking through the carpark adjacent to the swimming pool. One section there is quite narrow and three women from CITEA (Construction Industry Training and Employment Association) who are based a short distance from the swimming pool, were walking along a particularly narrow path, so I moved out of their way…they, to my absolute astonishment, said “thank you”.

Admittedly it was only a minor thing, but they are the first people to say thank you to me for moving out of their way in months…and as silly as this may sound, I would like to publicly thank and congratulate them for having the courtesy and manners to say “thank you”.

They may only be two simple words, but they have an enormous impact, and I therefore would like to say to the three ladies from CITEA who were walking through the Dickson Pool carpark at 12:40 this afternoon…thank you, your courtesy and manners have made my day.


June 8th, 2007 at 04:14pm

The Peculiar T-Shirt Makers Won’t Get Many Sales

I was trying to avoid writing anything about Paris Hilton’s jail sentence, however it’s very hard to avoid hearing about the story over and over and over, and therefore hard to not think about it. One thing did occur to me though that I think is worth sharing with you.

Late last week I walked past one of the stores in Westfield Woden and noticed that they were featuring t-shirts in their front window with the slogan “Free Paris” on them. The t-shirt annoyed me, as I can’t see any good reason why Paris Hilton shouldn’t spend time in jail for her criminal activities. In hindsight I would like to have started ranting and raving loudly at the front door of this store, although it wouldn’t have achieved anything, and I tend not to be quite that extroverted.

The one good thing I can see here is that the people who produced these t-shirts have just lost their market. Ms. Hilton’s release in to house arrest in her mansion is about as close as you can get to a full release without releasing her, and will probably be suffice for the people who wanted her released. I can’t see the t-shirt sales going anywhere now, unless the stores add an “I” and a “d” to the t-shirt with a marker pen so that it reads “I Freed Paris”…but even then I can’t imagine that many people would want to buy a shirt which has been written on (autographed shirts excepted).

I’m not going to comment on Ms. Hilton’s mental state, which is apparently the reason for her more lenient house arrest sentence, however I will defer to the following quote from the fictional mayor of Arcadia Waters, Col Dunkley, from the television programme Grass Roots, as a seemingly adequate description of her psychiatrist.

“You can always find an academic who’ll swear on a stack of bibles that he agrees with you.”

Perhaps I’m being a bit harsh…but I just find it peculiar how often this psychiatrist will jump to Ms. Hilton’s defence, and say whatever he needs to say in order to get her out of a tricky situation.


June 8th, 2007 at 12:26pm

Mathematicians, Economists and a Train

This week’s Friday Funny comes from Ray. Ray says he is a “mathematician with a sense of humour”…I’d say he needed it for this joke.

Three economists and three mathematicians were going for a trip by train. Before the journey, the mathematicians bought 3 tickets but the economists only bought one. The mathematicians were glad their stupid colleagues were going to pay a fine.

However, when the conductor was approaching their compartment, all three economists went to the nearest toilet. The conductor, noticing that somebody was in the toilet, knocked on the door. In reply he saw a hand with one ticket. He checked it and the economists saved 2/3 of the ticket price.

The next day, the mathematicians decided to use the same strategy – they bought only one ticket, but the economists did not buy any tickets at all!

When the mathematicians saw the conductor, they hid in the toilet, and when they heard knocking they handed in the ticket. They did not get it back.

Why? The economists took it and went to the other toilet.

Do you have something you would like to contribute to Friday Funnies? If so, email it to All contributions welcome!


June 8th, 2007 at 11:08am

Samuel’s Footy Tips

Time for another weekend of my footy tips. I’m going to try and prove that my good result in the NRL last weekend was not a fluke, this weekend is a short round which means I have to tip even less matches correctly to get a good score! I’ll also try to get my overall AFL score to go up again.

NRL Round 13
Rabbitohs v Panthers
Raiders v Eels
Roosters v Cowboys
Warriors v Storm
Knights v Tigers
Dragons v Sharks

AFL Round 11
Bombers v Eagles
Hawks v Swans
Lions v Bulldogs
Blues v Power
Crows v Cats
Saints v Kangaroos
Dockers v Tigers
Demons v Magpies


June 8th, 2007 at 06:10am


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