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Dickson College’s 30 Year Celebrations

As Jey correctly guessed the other day, I attended Dickson College’s 30 year celebrations on Friday afternoon.

I must admit that I was a bit underwhelmed by the whole thing…between the fashion parade, the various musical acts scattered through the buildings, the even more scattered food and drink, and the display of memorabilia in the library, I just thought the whole thing seemed very scattered and disjointed.

In isolation, the individual events were good, some mildly deafening, but good none-the-less, and the highlight of the event was almost certainly the sheer number of people who turned up, and the sheer number of Department of Education officials who were there to witness support the college has.

In fact, I think that was the whole point…have enough people turn up and appear interested in the college to show the Stanhope government that Dickson shouldn’t be closed.

It was also good to catch up with a few people I haven’t seen for a while (including an ex-Dickson student who was one of my high school teachers), and even revisit the Majura Cafe (wonderful coffee and carrot cake…and no noticeable yell-a-thons!).

The speeches were quite clearly politically motivated, and I didn’t expect anything else, but I just got the impression that the whole event was less of a “remember the last 30 years” event, and more of a “Save Dickson College” event…I think a better balance could have been acheived with a larger emphasis on the last 30 years, which would have in turn emphasised the reasons for keeping Dickson open, just without the overtly noticeable grandstanding (selling “Save Dickson” t-shirts for example).

Admittedly I do think the event had an impact on the Department Officials…but I’m not in the least bit surprised that the media seemed completely uninterested in the event. I did notice an ABC News and Current Affairs car parked at the college, and I’m certain they were looking to cover a birthday celebration…and then gave up once they looked around for a little while.

I do think that the rumoured plan of closing Copland College and keeping Dickson open is the likely plan, and I think the event on Friday helped the “Save Dickson” cause…but it really didn’t feel like a birthday…perhaps that was just the general mood of the people intent on saving the college…but I do have to hope that if, as Dickson College Board Chair Sally Rose suggested in her speech, these birthday celebrations become a five-yearly occurence, the furture events are a tad more jubilant and “birthdayish”.


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This time last year…

Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun? Last year, on this day, at about the time this post is appearing, I was chatting with John Laws about convicted drug smuggler Nguyen Tuong Van.

It was a busy time of year for me, and there are a number of things which I find hard to believe happened almost a year ago…the Dickson College Year 12 Breakfast, the Retirement Expo, John Kerr’s Christmas Cruise…this year has gone rather quickly.


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2GB’s plan for Sydney Cyber Domination

Hot on the heels of Southern Cross Broadcasting’s launch of “mytalk“, the central hub for all of their radio and television stations (a curious name considering the number of music stations they operate), plus discussion of news, current affairs and programming, 2GB have started the first phase of their plans to run a similar service.

The following job advertisement appeared on Radioinfo on November 15

Level 1, Building C 33-35 Saunders Street
NSW 2009

15 Nov 2006
The Macquarie Radio Network (MRN) is looking for an experienced WEB PRODUCER/MODERATOR to fill a casual position.

Moderating content for MRN’s online assets will require an understanding of Talk Radio, as well as a keen interest in news and current affairs.

The successful applicant will possess excellent writing and editing skills, strong attention to detail and an ability to think on your feet.

If you’re interested, send a cover letter, as well as your resume to:

Trevor Long, Assistant Programme Director of Radio 2GB using the link below

Apply for this job via email now

It’s been a very long time since 2GB have had to do anything online to stay ahead of 2UE, who have up until now specialised in poorly maintained websites. The SCB Mytalk website has suddenly jolted 2UE’s online presence into the 21st century, and despite a few teething problems (including the still existing problem where none of the links to regional bulletins on the “news” page are links, and you have to go through “listen live” to watch the news) and a bunch of presenters finding out about the new site from listeners, it seems to be off to a pretty good start.

2GB are obviously putting a fair bit of thought and effort into their offering, hopefully it will turn out well…and if it does, it will be very interesting to see the two stations extend their intense rivalry to the Internet.

It is interesting to note that 2GB started offering video news bulletins and a few video podcasts a while back, and Southern Cross have decided to rehash their regional television news updates on Mytalk, and a few days ago Macquarie Radio Network (owners of 2GB and 2CH…and not part of a bank of a similar name) bought digital video and film production company, PixelMill Films. Admittedly it is part of a plan which started in September, but it is interesting to see all of this action in the couple weeks after SCB’s Mytalk was launched…interesting coincidence? Or “hurry up and get this online before they [SCB] get too far ahead”?


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