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Francis Keany

As this post appears, Capital Radio newsreader Francis Keany should be presenting his first news bulletin after returning from leave.

Welcome back Francis!

(Oh, and thank you to the credible source who corrected my multiple feeble attempts at spelling Francis’ last name).


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2UE Rumour File

It’s getting closer to the end of the year, and that means the rumours start flying…and there are quite a few.

First up, the rumour I’m hearing the loudest and clearest is that 2UE “Sports Today” co-host Greg “Brandy” Alexander is looking for work outside radio, preferably a sport coaching role, as the radio work is apparently tying him down too much. The timing of this rumour couldn’t be more perfect, as it coincides with rumours that weekday midnight-to-dawn announcer Stuart Bocking is looking for a permanent sport reporting role, a rumour backed up by his recent stints away from the “New Day” program on reporting duties for the Melbourne Cup and most recently the Australian Open Golf. The conclusion is obvious, but would be a bit of a blow to 2UE who have seen Stuart Bocking deliver strong overnight ratings.

If the rumour is true, it is hard to say who could possibly take over midnight-to-dawn. John Kerr seems happy on the weekends, Clinton Maynard doesn’t seem to be overly interested in those hours as long as he can keep his News Director position, and Clive Robertson is unlike any other overnight presenter.
I suppose John Kerr could return to weekdays, but I would be very very surprised if that were to happen…and I don’t think George Gibson is on speaking terms with 2UE management after being unceremoniously dumped last year. It’s a case of more questions, less answers.

There are strange rumours that Stan Zemanek will not renew his contract (I don’t know when it is due to expire) for health reasons. Stan has certainly made a bit of noise about his health problems on-air, but the rumour directly contradicts the Daily Telegraph’s rumour column “Sydney Confidential” who reported that a Southern Cross Broadcasting internal email stated that both Stan Zemanek and Deryn Hinch were on the path to a full recovery.

If true, I would almost expect Clive Robertson to take over the show…different arguments, but a similar style of caller-host interaction.

Of course now that Macquarie bank own a significant chunk of Southern Cross Broadcasting, absolutely anything could happen…perhaps 2UE will become the first Australian radio station to broadcast from studios in India…goodness gracious me, you cannot be doing that!


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