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Table Cloth Sized Catalogues

One of my pet peeves are those highly annoying table cloth size catalogues. Unlike most catalogues which are in book style, these ones open up, and then open up again, and then again, and usually another time as well. By the time you’ve opened them up you might as well stick them on the wall as a poster, ring the advertising company and request a second copy so you can stick that on the wall as well…then you can see both sides.

These things are quite annoying, they are virtually impossible to read, and if you want to see the other side you almost have to fold them up again to turn them over.

Here is a photo I took of one them:
Table Cloth Catalogues
I have placed a local tabloid newspaper (The City Chronicle) on top of the catalogue to provide some perspective.

I know some people despise junk mail, but I don’t…I actually enjoy reading some of it, mainly as it allows me to check the prices of various items and often arrives around the time when I need to think about buying a birthday present or similar, some of the catalogues I just glance at the store title and cast aside as I have no need to see what they offer, but most get at least a once-over. I do, however, draw the line at tablecloth catalogues, they don’t get read, end of story.

I suppose I could put a sign on my letterbox saying “No tablecloth catalogues” but that could be misinterpreted as “I don’t want any catalogues which offer tablecloths”, which wouldn’t be very useful as I don’t think I get many (if any) catalogues which sell tablecloths.


September 30th, 2005 at 02:44pm

Samuel’s Tape Highlights: 2cc

Alrighty then, time to start a new category and in the process a new series.

At the moment I am working on restoring the many audio cassette recordings of myself, which are all circa 1993-2000, these all vary in content and I am working through them in alphabetical order. As I get through each one I will put together a highlights package from each one and put it online for you.

The first one is circa 1997 and was titled “2CC”, this is probably the most ridiculous trademark infringement of all time, and I gladly accept that I do not own that name and so I shall explain why I used it.

This was around the time that 2CC (the radio station) were moving into talk radio in a serious way, and it also was a time in which I began to enjoy talk radio an awful lot…so much so in fact that I produced a series of tapes which contained me running my own talk radio show where I did all the voices (even my somewhat loopy callers, and my panel op, and the very high pitched newsreader) on the ficticious radio stations “1385AM” and “392FM” (The first of which doesn’t fit in with a the 9Khz stepping system used in Australia, and the second being so far out of the FM spectrum it isn’t funny). I suppose the main reason for using the 2CC name was to honour the station which got me interested in talk radio in the first place.

2CC (the tape) spanned two 90 minute tapes (although the TDK tapes were usually slightly overtime, so they were probably closer to 95-100 minutes). Here I have picked a bunch of highlights and MP3ed them for you.

Firstly we start with one of the many themes for the show (0:13)
Then we go and take an excerpt of one of my favourite callers, Bang, who just had to sing a song about his name, and I joined in (3:45)
After this we have one of my many “Walkie Talkie Time” segments where I got out my Walkie Talkies and used them, these were those kids Walkie Talkies which you can find in most toy shops which operate on the 27Mhz frequency, this one just happened to be an airport report. (2:15)
And then finally we go to Mr. Walk, another one of my loopy but loveable callers who happened to enjoy walking…due to somebody else in the house overhearing this and bursting into laughter, I promptly did the same and had to take a break…this is the pre-break section of the call. (1:52)

In total the whole highlights package goes for 6 minutes and 7 seconds and is just under 3MB in size.

Click here to listen to the “2cc (the tape)” highlights package


September 30th, 2005 at 01:41pm

Can Government Cars Get Away With Anything?

This is just something I’ve noticed lately, it would appear that government cars are immune from road rules, and the people driving them are free to drive in whatever manner they like.

This morning, for example, while I was taking Nattie for a walk, a government car went by, the driver was using a hand-held mobile phone and drove straight past a police car, the police weren’t in the least bit interested.

I have some friends who work for the government and have made use of government cars from time-to-time, and some of the stories I have heard are quite amazing. I feel compelled to share one of these stories with you.

This apparently took place on the Tuggeranong Parkway (for those of you who are not familiar with Canberra’s roads, the Tuggeranong Parkway is a long road with a speed limit of 100 km/h). A number of people I know were travelling in a government car which was travelling at 110km/h or more, there was a police car beside them, they waved to the police who simply waved back and then sped off with no use of lights or siren. Not only does this show just how much government cars are able to get away with, it also shows the general lack of observence of road rules that the police also seem to participate in. (This may also be the only known case of Government cars having more than one person in them at a time in the history of mankind…excluding politicians chauffeur services).

I find it mildly amusing that the police can produce press release after press release informing us that we all need to slow down and adhere to the road rules when they don’t do it themselves, and nor do they attempt to enforce the rules equally.

Despite what they may think, the road rules are there for all road users, not just private vehicles.

I suppose this raises an interesting question, if a government car gets booked, who pays the fine? The person driving it or the government?

In my view it should be the person driving it, although I think you will find it is often the government who end up paying the fine, and it is therefore fairly obvious why the police don’t bother to enforce the road rules when it comes to government cars…it isn’t going to have any effect on the driver, and the money from the fine would just go in a little circle…from the government to the government.

For some reason I am reminded of a time when I was on a bus on Antill Street in Dickson, I can be pretty sure that the bus wasn’t speeding, but it was going faster than the car in the left-hand lane…so the driver of the car starts hurling abuse at the bus driver, informing him that he should slow down and that he was an f***ing idiot, to which the bus driver replied “have a nice day”. It is interesting to note here that the car driver had to travel at a higher speed than the bus to catch up with it, and yet it was the bus driver who should slow down….anybody else see the problem here?

Anyway, back to government cars. In my view they should be treated just like any other vehicle on the road (with the obvious exception of emergency vehicles in emergency situations) and it should be the driver’s responsibility to pay for any infringement notices they may recieve.


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Samuel’s Coffee-cup-o-meter

The Coffee-Cup-O-Bean-O-Count-O-Matic device provides the following report

4 x Standard Mug (1 point each) = 4 Points
Total = 4 Points


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