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That holiday scam

I am quite simply amazed, the holiday scam that I reported a few months ago is still going, albeit with a slightly different colour scheme.

Considering that it is a free call from Australia which redirects to a US number at the scammers expense, I would suggest that people have some fun and take up the time of these scammers, feed them some bogus info, stay on the line until they ask for credit card details, make up an excuse and wait for the call to end. Of course you could hang up at any time, but it is quite entertaining to take up their time and see just how desperate they are for your credit card details. I know I had fun.

By the way, here is the more colourful and viewable version of their ads, if you feel like annoying them, the phone number is on there (free call from Australia).
Holiday Scam Screenshot
Holiday Scam Screenshot
Holiday Scam Screenshot
If I refresh their ads I get my time to call, same claim number & same reward every time…funny that…

On a more serious note, I recieved a call late last week from somebody claiming to be Telstra offering some bizarre deal of flat rate international calls (actually, EVERY call for 19c) and launching straight into asking for credit card and other personal details.

All of these scammers are unscrupulous, rude and annoying, and if I ever meet one of them, they had better hope I don’t have something heavy to garnish their head with.


September 12th, 2005 at 09:43pm

Airy Window Cleaners

How would you clean a window? With some window cleaner and a cloth? How about a leaf blower?

Well, the latter option is what somebody who lives near me decided to do. I first noticed this when I was taking out the recycling and heard a leaf blower, looked up and saw the person pointing the leaf blower at the windows. It was around this time that I realised that it was the same noise I had been hearing for the last half hour, albeit now louder, and then it occured to me, they had been using the leaf blower inside their house as well.

I wonder if they manged to blow all the dust out of their house? And just how many small household items they broke or blew to the other side of the room?

By the way, the windows don’t look any cleaner (although the cobwebs appear to be gone).


September 12th, 2005 at 06:02pm


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