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Strangely Apt Definition

In the last couple of days, I have found Uncyclopedia, and encyclopedia filled with utter nonsense, mostly humourous. It is strangely entertaining and has some interesting insights. Just like Wikipedia, it is editable by anyone.

Anyway, regular readers would probably have worked out by now that my tastes in music are mostly planted in the not very recent (with one major crocodile exception). Uncyclopedia has a rather interesting definition of a Pop Star, which for modern music, I would find myself in agreement:

A person who makes a lot of noise that they call singing in the hope of making money which can then be wasted on useless things, so they are back where they started (only older). Sometimes pop stars join together in a group, so they can have fun making up gossip about each other and selling it to the tabloid press.

In “the good old days” pop singers actually made songs that had tunes and were memorable: now they just make a cacaphony.

Well, it entertained me…


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Oranges That Taste Like Pineapples

I had a rather unusual dream the other night, so I thought I might share it with you.

For one reason or another, my family had started growing oranges on a playground that, in reality, no longer exists. All these other people, who I have never seen before, were helping with the orange growing. Dad never appeared in the dream (I think he was at work), but Mum did, she had to go down the street, so she did. While she was down the street, myself and the group of people growing oranges decided that they tasted more like pineapples, so we decided to sell them as tinned pineapple. For some reason the tinning (putting the oranges into tins) was done on a nearby roof. Mum came back and then had to go down the street again. I decided to check the letter box, on my way to the letter box I met one of my friend’s mothers, who told me she needed to get a post office box and the post office in Ainslie had run out (actually, I don’t think Ainslie has a post office, but this was a dream after all), I told her that I thought the small post office in Civic may have run our as well, but the Big post office should have a few spare, so she left and the dream ended.

I did warn you that it was unusual.


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