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Well, that was a mostly good day

Well, apart from a minor incident at school which I won’t comment on until the issue is resolved, I had a pretty good day.

This was mostly due to a lunch meeting with my bus driver friend, which turned into an entire afternoon meeting.

Just after 1PM I met him outside my college (Dickson College) and, rather than doing what we have done for the last two weeks and going to the Dickson Tradies Club for lunch, we went all the way to Tuggeranong for lunch, which was very good. That fried rice and chicken satay with a cappucino was very nice.

After this we went out to Queanbeyan and a used furniture shop which I can’t remember the name of…it is at number 117 on a street in Queanbeyan if that helps. My bus driver friend has an involvement in the store, so it was good to see it for the first time, and meet some interesting people at the same time.

Whilst out there, I was able to pick up a rather nice vintage walkman. Currently I am taking two radios around with me, one is a torch radio which I use as my loudspeaker radio, which is what I prefer to use when walking or sitting in certain areas as headphones do irritate me to some extent, especially as I find they hinder my ability to hear my surrounds. The other radio I carry around with me is a newer walkman which only has a headphone output, this is useful on buses etc as people can be irritated by loudspeaker radios in confined spaces, and holding one right on your ear is unpleasant and partially disorienting due to it partially blocking external noises and effectively preventing my ability to identify the location of noises.

This “new” radio (it’s new to me) has an inbuilt speaker AND a headphone output…and suprisingly it is able to have both the headphones and the speaker on at the same time, it also features a switch to turn the speaker on and off. This will probably be able to do the job of the other two radios and provide a better loudspeaker sound quality than the torch radio.

Not that I have any problem with the other two radios, they are very good and have done their jobs nicely, but this “new” radio has made things easier.

I was going to take some pictures of this radio, but the camera refuses to accept perfectly good batteries and is being argumentative, so you’ll just have to wait.

Back to the story of my day. After the visit to Queanbeyan we decided to have a coffee and as such went back to Dickson, and in particular, Hudson’s, which is owned by people who used to be my next door neighbours. After this my bus driver friend dropped me off at home, which was probably just before 5PM.

After this I went to check the John Laws website to see if this weeks “Best of Laws” segment was on his site yet. Before I go on, I am going to address the ongoing concerns of a number of people who read this blog. Yes, I listen to the John Laws show, this does not mean that I agree with everything on it, but I do enjoy the show, and I do have a very large amount of respect for John Laws, and I find him entertaining. If you disagree with me, I am fine with that, I acknowledge that, just as I am not a fan of most FM music stations, a lot of people can’t stand talk radio and some/all of the presenters. That’s fine, and I have no gripe with that, in fact I find it refreshing that people have incredibly different opinions when it comes to the media, it makes my life much more interesting and entertaining.

Back to the story (again), as I said, I checked the John Laws site for this weeks “Best Of Laws” segment, as there was one section in it that I heard this morning and wanted to hear again, it featured this woman who was probably drunk going on and on and on and on and on and on about absolutely nothing, and it was hillarious, as were the comments Lawsie made.

The main reason I mention this is that I noticed last week that the people responsible for maintaining the John Laws site had delibearately destroyed the audio quality on the music in the file, which really hurt my ears and was hard to listen to. I sent an email to John asking for an explanation, and whilst I never got one (or at least I wasn’t listening to the show when he explained it, if he did at all) the audio quality had been fixed for this week, which pleased me immensely, and I just had to email Lawsie to thank him for fixing it, which I have now done.

I suppose I should have a quick count of my drinks so far today (hmmm, yesterday, I’ve been typing this for a while). I had a cup of tea at my breakfast/morning tea (yes, I had another alarm clock accident), I had a coffee at lunch, a coffee at afternoon tea, a coffee at dinner, a coffee this evening and another coffee this evening. Lunch and Afternoon tea were strong, in fact so were the home made ones, so that is 5 strong coffees, no wonder I don’t feel tired…

I really do feel like sitting here and continuing to type gibberish, but I won’t, I’ll finish this here and get some sleep…if I can! Hmmmm, I wonder if the ads are playing on 2CC tonight…must check…..


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