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Radio In Your House

During a coversation I was having earlier today, a rather unusual idea came up. The conversation turned to having people from a talk radio station in your house 24/7 following you around.

It would be rather interesting, and odd, having the host of the show walking around with a speakerphone talking and having a band play little bits of music in between calls and having the station voiceover bloke constantly announcing the name of the show.

It would become more interesting when the ads started, as all of the people in the ads could appear in the room.

The news would also be interesting, as you could have a newsreader standing under a “News” sign talking and playing audio clips of various people talking.

I’m not sure if the housebound people would appreciate having people talking constantly while they sleep…especially if a noisy ad started.

There would probably be numerous problems if the house owners went shopping…having a bunch of people following them through the supermarket talking and singing and advertising would probably drive an awful lot of people nuts.

I’m sure the people who owned the house would also be rather annoyed at all the studio guests who walk in and out of the house.

It would probably be a bizarre menagerie of noises and people, and I think a lot of the ads would be quite entertaining. For example, one of the current ads would go something like this:

The host of the show finishes the call they are taking, the band starts playing and the station voiceover bloke makes an announcement. Suddenly some woman walks in the door holding a computer and a canoe and says “How am I supposed to get my computer and canoe safely to Darwin?” and then some salesman could walk in with a sign for the company (which I honestly can’t remember) and start talking about the company.

After the ad the band could start playing again, the voiceover bloke could make another announcement and the newsreader could start talking…during the news a studio guest could walk in and stand opposite the host.

Maybe I should go and do something useful…


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My School Term Ticket

My school term bus ticket arrived in the mail yesterday, but this one appears to have come from a stockpile of tickets, which is much different to the last two term tickets I have received, which were somewhat sequential.

The term two bus ticket had serial number 05 -270704- 02522
The term three bus ticket had serial number 05 -270704- 04819
The term four bus ticket has a very different serial number 05-100505-00946

Unlike the other tickets, this one appears to have had the words “Term Ticket” stamped on it.

I could make astronomical assumptions and calculations about the number of ticket sales, but the serial numbers are so different that I think this latest one is from an entirely different series of tickets.


September 28th, 2005 at 01:35pm

An historically strange dream

I didn’t have any strange dreams last night, so I thought I might share the story of and older one with you.

This dream started off in an unusual version of my house, which for some reason had three storeys (floors, levels, “A complete horizontal division of a building, constituting the area between two adjacent levels” depending on which part of the world you are from). The bottom storey was a basement.

On this particular day, we (mum, me) decided to walk to Civic, so we went down to the basement and walked through a tunnel, the tunnel ended in the food court on the lower level of the Canberra Centre, we then proceeded to walk upstair to the roof of the Canberra Centre where Floriade was being held, the flowers on the glass atrium were quite spectacular.

There we have yet another strange dream…and there are plenty more where that came from.

I might just clear up one thing here…for some reason I have always referred to the levels in a house as being “storeys” (eg. “A three storey house”), and I have always referred to levels in a commercial (or other non-residential) building as being a “level” (eg. “It’s has three levels”). On occasion regardless of building type, and usually when giving directions, I refer to them as “floors” (eg. Go to the top floor and turn right). That probably just made things more confusing…


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LCA 2006 in 2007?

At this rate Linux.Conf.Au 2006 might not get underway until 2007 or later. The dates have just been pushed back again, Speaker Notifications don’t start until October 2, Speakers & Program are now being announced on the same day as each other, October 6, and the rest of the dates are as they were


September 28th, 2005 at 10:54am


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