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Table Cloth Sized Catalogues

September 30th, 2005 at 02:44pm

One of my pet peeves are those highly annoying table cloth size catalogues. Unlike most catalogues which are in book style, these ones open up, and then open up again, and then again, and usually another time as well. By the time you’ve opened them up you might as well stick them on the wall as a poster, ring the advertising company and request a second copy so you can stick that on the wall as well…then you can see both sides.

These things are quite annoying, they are virtually impossible to read, and if you want to see the other side you almost have to fold them up again to turn them over.

Here is a photo I took of one them:
Table Cloth Catalogues
I have placed a local tabloid newspaper (The City Chronicle) on top of the catalogue to provide some perspective.

I know some people despise junk mail, but I don’t…I actually enjoy reading some of it, mainly as it allows me to check the prices of various items and often arrives around the time when I need to think about buying a birthday present or similar, some of the catalogues I just glance at the store title and cast aside as I have no need to see what they offer, but most get at least a once-over. I do, however, draw the line at tablecloth catalogues, they don’t get read, end of story.

I suppose I could put a sign on my letterbox saying “No tablecloth catalogues” but that could be misinterpreted as “I don’t want any catalogues which offer tablecloths”, which wouldn’t be very useful as I don’t think I get many (if any) catalogues which sell tablecloths.


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