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Sorry, this cold has been knocking me about a bit and hasn’t made sleeping any easier, hence the lack of posts here of late.

Anyway, a bit of news for you. As I alluded to during a conversation with Mark Parton on 2CC about leap seconds this morning, I’m heading back to Deniliquin next week. There are a number of factors which have made it a much more difficult decision this time around, but I believe that it’s the right decision.

This does mean that I won’t be hosting breakfast on 1WAY FM next week, and the small number of pre-recorded segments which I have set aside for next week will just have to be held over for a week.

In regards to the question of airchecks from my last stint in Deniliquin, a small number of them will be placed in the Aircheck Sunday roster for the new year, so you will be able to hear them.

For those of you who are wondering, Maritz will not be filling in for me next week. I will try to find some time to write some content. Maritz continues to write emails to me, which I am attempting to reply to with a “proper English” translation. It’s not as easy as it looks sometimes.

Finally, I must remind myself to post the few photos from last week. It’s probably one of those “eventually” things.


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