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The DVD of watching for

Dear and goodly mornings on this lovely day of the rain.

I am did do hear of the newses on the radio yesterday at time of do gardenis of the work and did hear of newses that the people of the easy DVD for where the good watchings can do of from are doing the bankruptings in ways of almost which is not the good as I am do like to be finding many nicely movies of from them. I do of try to be find the DVDs of with words or writings for screen in Russian as this does the help with good learnings as my language is OK but not best because the words do muddle and with grammar of problems of have and do.

Mrs. Porrit did do of say that the watchings of DVDs have be on good improvingments in times do soon in past.

Also of news in good is Mother of Russia is sending photo of current for Squeelivich the nice mouse of living in Russia with Mother Of Russia as is pet mine but not here for the quaranatinas.

Please be do good day of lovely and have Umbrellas.

From Maritz
Ms. Maritzkrozlavsky Throrglasnishozly

December 18th, 2008 at 06:33am

All comments in English for the rest of the week please

I have received a request from Maritz which, based on what I’ve seen, looks quite reasonable. Maritz has asked if I can ask all people leaving comments for the rest of this week to do so in English, this is for two reasons:

1. Maritz thinks that by seeing your comments in English, she will learn the language more quickly.
2. Maritz thinks that people who don’t understand Russian might be having “the much and many of troubles” understanding the comments which are written in Russian.

Maritz appreciates the sentiment of making her feel more welcome by writing in Russian, but would prefer English.

I agree with Maritz, but I’m going to be a bit harsher as I’m getting tired of the bizarre comments which are getting a run in Russian, that I’d probably be binning if they were in English. English, or not at all. Leaving a comment in a language other than English between now and Sunday will result in your comment being deleted, and your account suspended.

I hope that you all understand, and are enjoying the stories from our guest blogger.


December 18th, 2008 at 12:36am


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