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Hello and the lovely mornings are of here and to you today and this afternoon as well too.

Lastly night at the teachings for English with Mrs. Porrit I as doing learn of song as Mrs. Porrit did think the songs of childhood would be a good for and the of happen so that such and would be able for learnings of ways of words in order for correct and grammar in the Englishes. I am not the sure of song as it was not the senses making much but it did something of the twinckeyling stars which I am not sure from meanings.

Mrs. Porrit did nice singings of good a nice though as she did say that once in time but now long before she was wanting do to singing teachers but found the Englishes to be better as she was then of able to teach people of big skill in the happen in country for living is easy.

I am did tell of her the song lovely Mr. Ian of the radio played of the weeks ago which was wonderful and I am find song of Internet video picture but do not be knowing of how to do put on the blogs. I am will do of email to Samuel and the hopes that he does telling for how of do and then you can be doing singings with me.

Please do enjoy of lovely and wonderful.

From Maritz
Ms. Maritzkrozlavsky Throrglasnishozly

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