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Welcome to Deniliquin!

And here I am in Deniliquin. I arrived at 2pm, having left home at about 7:15am to fill up with petrol at Caltex Braddon and then embark on the journey. From Caltex Braddon to Deniliquin was 533.9KM and I left Caltex at 7:23am, so the average speed of the journey was 83.64KM/H, however when you consider that I stopped in Gundagai and Jerilderie for approximately 30 minutes per stop, the average speed of the journey was actually 99.18KM/H.

The trip was quite enjoyable thanks to a podcast followed by an iPod in shuffle mode, and the fact that I got in to Gundagai right on schedule to hear the 9am news on FM 94.3 Sounds Of The Mountains, in which I heard one of my sport bulletins for AIR News. I also stopped a bit west of Wagga Wagga to take a photo of a sign which interested me due to it containing the names of two people that I work with in Canberra. I also made a note of a few things that I would like to take photos of on the way back to Canberra.

I didn’t travel via the shortest available route in terms of distance, but I did enjoy the drive anyway, although my GPS got a bit confused in Wagga Wagga at a point where a traffic island ended…its instruction to me was “Turn right, followed by, make a u-turn”.

Based on what it was displaying at the time, I think this was supposed to be followed by “turn right” again.

Anyway, I’ve been up since about 11:30am yesterday, so I should probably get some sleep. I have more Internet access than I was expecting within the hotel, so you will probably hear from me a few times during the week…and if you live in a town where AIR News is broadcast, you’ll hear me tomorrow morning presenting the sport bulletins.

Must sleep now for a little while as it will be dinner time in a few hours, and The Bill will be on ABC1 shortly thereafter.


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Hello and the everyone!

Dear and hello to all of reading.

Please and thank you to Samuel for the writing of the week which is here and I am doing look forward of it, after words of nice earlier. I am do hope of writing for you during week when can and good.

I am of previous from Russia and now do living in Sydney with cat Slavcatchski who is much lovely. I am much fond of bakerying and gardens, and am do learnings of Englishes with Mrs. Porrit for improvements. I am of lucky to be in lovely Country australia which is wonderful in the ways as especially not the same as the Russia which is also lovely but as good in for the people of living, which Australia is the better for in the democraticies.

Please be doing the wonderful and lovely days.

From Maritz
Ms. Maritzkrozlavsky Throrglasnishozly

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While I’m Away

I will be leaving for Deniliquin later this morning and will be away for the week, returning to Canberra at some stage on Saturday, with a reasonable backlog of television programs to catch up on, and a mere day to ensure that I have everything ready for 1WAY FM breakfast on the following Monday.

It looks like I will probably have limited Internet access while I’m gone, so I’m pleased to be able to say that I have been able to do something that I’ve wanted to do for a while, and that is, get somebody to fill in for me.

The guest blogger for the week is Maritz, who will hopefully introduce herself shortly. Maritz would be familiar to talkback radio listeners in Sydney and Canberra as the Russian lady who sends emails to various presenters. She first contacted me last year after the federal budget, and has since been in intermittent contact; she wrote two comments last week.

Maritz has a day job of her own so I’m not sure how much time she will have, but she seems to be excited by my offer, so I hope that she writes at least daily while I’m away. Her English isn’t great, but it will have to do. I hope that you all welcome her warmly and enjoy her company while I’m away.

I will check in during the week if possible, so that means that there will be delays in approving comments which hit the moderation queue. If you have any questions please feel unencumbered to contact me forthwith (such wonderful words), and I will do my best to get back to you in a timely manner.

Enjoy your week…my plan is to do the same.


December 13th, 2008 at 05:07am


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