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Mr. Don of the radio

On the mornings of weekend and I am do often have listen to Mr. Don of the radio who does talk of grardens which is much lovely and the wonderfuls. He is man of good and also had beard. Lovely neighbour Mrs. Porrit did do of say that Mr. Don used to be of the tevelvisions on the night of Friday as well as the lucky cat of the betting lotteries.

Mr. Samuel is doinf ginish in the Deniliquin today he did say of in the emails and will be doing drive of to and from the Canberras and Deniliquins. It is much wonderful and I have had been do of funs in the writings on here in filling for him and do. Also much thank you to have been do of read and write of commentings. I do think the commentings in the Englishes are of better for my learnings but also I think the writings of the Mrs. Legshagger in the Russian are of from the trasnalating programs which are not having accurates of the much and many and would be of do in similar to the accurate of the my doing of and have write in the Englishes.

Mr. Samuel has do been ask of me to write the emails for some weeks of coming for him to do read of on the radio in breakfast time and did say that he will be do write back of with tippers and the pointings on thwe better Englishes.

Please am do lovely day.

From Maritz
Ms. Maritzkrozlavsky Throrglasnishozly

December 20th, 2008 at 06:55am


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