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I think I’m just about insane!

Since about 12:40am my day has been quite interesting to say the least. A series of peculiar events had me in quite a glum and sour mood…however I would like to thank Telstra for tipping me right over the edge in to insanity.

For some reason Telstra just love to ring me on my mobile even though I have asked them not to, in an effort to sell me a new phone and a new deal…unfortunately I like to humour them and listen to their deal for a while before telling them that I’m happy with what I’ve got, something they usually follow with a repeat of their “better” offer, filled with things I don’t want. After this I reveal to them that I asked a few months ago to be removed from their marketing list, to which they assure me that it was a different department, and I assure them that it was their department, and they hang up.

Whilst Telstra’s phone calls on the matter are most annoying, it was just what I needed to lift me out of a peculiar mood, and put me in to either a deranged or insane frame of mind.

It will be interesting to see what else will happen today, and the first fourteen hours have been most entertaining.


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