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Samuel’s Footy Tips

After a pretty poor start to the season last week, it’s time for another (hopefully better) round.

NRL Round 2
Cowboys V Roosters
Dragons V Knights
Panthers V Bulldogs
Rabbitohs V Eels
Raiders V Storm
Titans V Sharks
Warriors V Broncos
Tigers V Sea Eagles


March 22nd, 2007 at 11:42pm

Spambot replies to itself

Ah the perils of automation. I’m sure we’ve all stumbled upon those peculiar spam emails where slabs of various books are intertwined in an effort to get an image about what you should do on the stock market through the spam filters, but one in particular has outdone itself.

This morning, amongst the other spam in my spam folder, was a message from “Qgpkarate quake” titled “Be an grandniece”…the first line appears to be a reply to the title:

“Never, madam,” cried he, affronted in his turn: “never, I assure you. “


1 comment March 22nd, 2007 at 02:16pm

What drives me nuts

Hi John,

What drives me nuts is the way so many places turn their air conditioning as far down as possible. For example, on Monday when the temperature was below twenty degrees here in Canberra, I went in to a shopping centre which was at least four degrees colder!

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

7 comments March 22nd, 2007 at 01:29pm

Cyclone Katy Strikes West Belconnen

And here’s the aftermath…
Ginninderra District High School Demolition
Ginninderra District High School Demolition
Ginninderra District High School Demolition
Ginninderra District High School Demolition

Katy Gallagher was the minister for education when the decision to close Ginninderra District High School and not listen to the public was made, so therefore she is the minister responsible, and given the way the demolition site looks like it has been hit by a cyclone, and the way Katy Gallagher seems to be able to make a mess of just about any portfolio, she is now officially known as Cyclone Katy.


1 comment March 22nd, 2007 at 09:33am

Spoiled For Choice: Who’s Covering The New South Wales Election

Summary of webstreams:
2GB (Real Player and Windows Media)
2UE (Windows Media)
ABC2 TV (Windows Media)
ABC Local Radio Sydney (Real Player and Windows Media)
ABC NewsRadio (Real Player and Windows Media)

The media isn’t leaving this Saturday’s New South Wales election to chance…quite the opposite, there is almost too much live coverage!

ABC television will, as usual be conducting their coverage on their main channel in New South Wales and the ACT, as well as ABC2 Digital (including a webstream – thanks for the link Tim!) for those in other areas. The other television stations will undoubtedly have updates throughout the night.

But radio is where the choice becomes quite mind boggling, ABC Radio see a need for two separate coverages. 702 ABC Sydney will lead the network for ABC Local Radio across New South Wales, naturally this will be streamed from their website as well…but NewsRadio will have their very own national coverage, completely separate from ABC Local Radio, and also with its very own webstream. I can see a reason for both networks to cover the election, but I see no good reason for them to have their very own coverage teams.

The ABC 702 coverage will be headed up by Tony Delroy and his guests (including the retiring president of the NSW Legislative Council Meredith Burgman and former Liberal MP Stephen O’Doherty).

NewsRadio’s coverage will be run by Russell Powell and long-time state political reporter Steve Chase.

Over on the commercial networks, 2GB are seriously shifting Alan Jones, making him start at 5pm to cover the election. He will be joined by Industrial Relations Minister John Della Bosca and Opposition Transport spokesperson Gladys Berejiklian, and don’t be surprised if you hear Jason Morrison, or probably more excitingly for some of the readership, James Goodwin. I can’t confirm that, but I have my hunches and I would be very surprised if James doesn’t have a role in the coverage. Naturally their webstream will also be in service.

2UE and whatever stations usually take Saturday Night Live with Paul Makin will instead hear John Stanley and Steve Price from 6pm, and until a result is known (sounds like one of those “free drinks until the first goal” offers doesn’t it?). They will be joined by Labor Party heavyweight Stephen Loosley and former Liberal leader Kerry Chikarovski plus current Labor Minister Eric Roozendaal. Naturally they, just like everyone else, will have reporters in the Tally Room and other places, and their webstream will be in full swing.

“But wait, there’s more!”

Macquarie Regional Radioworks‘ network of stations (the one run by Macquaire Bank, not the 2GB/2CH network of a similar name) will also be covering the election, but not to the same extent. Gold Coast News Director Greg Henricks and Philippa Mooney will have regular updates from 7pm in the NightMix…they are effectively doing it the commercial television way…normal programming plus updates.

Naturally many stations will have post-election wraps on Sunday morning…including a special edition of ABC Radio’s “AM” program at 8am. Actually, I get the feeling that it will be the topic of choice on talk radio in and around New South Wales until at least Tuesday evening.


4 comments March 22nd, 2007 at 06:27am


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