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Problems with this site in Internet Explorer 6

It looks like Internet Explorer 6 is experiencing issues displaying this website (thanks to Khay for pointing it out to me). For one reason or another the sidebar is appearing right down the bottom of the page, below the last post…but it’s only happening on the front page. At this stage I see no reason why this is happening as nothing in the sidebar has changed since it last rendered correctly in Internet Explorer.

The good news is that the problem does not occur in Internet Explorer 7 or Mozilla Firefox or Opera or anything else for that matter.

I’ll keep trying to fix it, but I’m no expert in HTML or PHP, so if I have no luck then it will just have to stay like that until the site changes to a new webhost in a couple weeks…the new webhost has a web design team so they will (hopefully) be able to fix it if I can’t.

Despite the fact that I avoid Internet Explorer where possible, the majority of the people visiting this site do use it, so I am treating this as a priority issue. I apologise for any inconvenience this may be causing.

Update 6:31am 16 March 2007: The problem was resolved overnight…not fixed but resolved…details this evening. End Update


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