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A couple storm photos

Hi Stuart,

As promised, some photos of my area post storm.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart



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Big Storm in Canberra

There is currently a very large storm battering southern Canberra. The storm formed about half an hour ago to the west of Canberra and is rapidly moving to the south-east. The lightning from this storm must be quite potent as it is causing quite amazingly bright flashes in the clouds all the way out here in inner north Canberra.

A severe storm warning is current and I wouldn’t surprised if this storm is causing flash flooding in some parts of the Tuggeranong area.

The latest radar image shows that the storm is expanding rapidly and the rain is getting heavier in the process. Get out your battery operated radios people and activate your emergency plan, it looks like the entire Canberra region will most likely be affected by this.

For assistance with storm damage, contact the SES on 132 500

Update 11pm: This should be a red alert and emergency sirens…absolute pelting hail storm in Inner North for the last twenty minutes or more. Can’t say more right now, can’t stay upstairs. End Update

Update 12:46am: Here’s what I wrote in some comments a couple minutes ago:
According to an SES person Civic has been severely damaged in the storm, apparently most buildings have alarms going off and a lot have water and hail damage. In my area one lady has water coming out of her smoke alarm, I managed to get a nearby SES team to attend, the fire alarms on a number of nearby buildings are going off and the fire brigade is attending to a problem of some sort just up the street.

The SES person also said that cars were getting bogged in the rain.

I have a few more photos which I will upload tonight, and a video which may or may not have worked properly…I’ll check and see.
End Update


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