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Yellow Warning Issued

The ACT Emergency Services Authority has issued a yellow warning on the back of a severe storm alert from the Bureau of Meteorology.

The Bureau advises the storm may produce large hailstones, damaging winds, very heavy rainfall and flash flooding over the next several hours.

The YELLOW LEVEL warning covers the period from 5pm to 7:30pm today (21st February 2007).

If you require assistance with storm damage, give the SES a call on 132 500.


February 20th, 2007 at 05:24pm

Expensive Drama!

The dream starts with me walking up to a reception desk, the receptionist starts yelling that the quote will be ready when it is ready and escorts me out of the office…so I find a different way into the building, via a side entrance. After I enter the receptionist appears with a piece of paper, which just happens to be the quote to get my car serviced…$3,219.72…I try to explain that I no longer want the service and will take the car elsewhere for a second opinion, but can only utter words such as “wait”, “but” and “hang on” before I am pushed out of the building once again by the receptionist.

Knowing that I need to stop the servicing before it starts I find another side entrance and visit the manageress who calls “Tim” the service man and arranges for me to retrieve my car, I then turn around and spot 2UE’s John Stanley standing in the middle of the corridor, about to re-enter a small room where he is running his show from. We briefly say hello before I watch him go back into the room and finish his show for the day.

The dream then ends.


February 20th, 2007 at 03:16pm

The Horrible Noise on the Weekend

Thanks to Loadedog’s article on the event, I now know that the horrible disturbing loud noise wafting over Inner North Canberra on the weekend was Canberra’s Tropfest gathering.

Based on what I saw on the television news of the winning film, and assuming that it was the highest quality film on offer, they should all give up because there is no way in 12 types of dry cement that I am spending one single cent on their visual crud.


9 comments February 20th, 2007 at 01:47pm

Monday Morning’s Storm

In the wee hours of Monday morning there was a rather noisy storm with a fair bit of rain in Canberra. Nattie was not impressed and decided to take up residence under my bed.

The storm vaguely woke me up and I had half a dream about Paul Makin (who was on the radio at the time) getting out the buckets to save the water and being overrun by rabbits and dogs (he was talking about Chinese astrology on the radio) before an incredibly loud, nearby thunderclap woke me up, and got Nattie barking.

I invited Nattie up on to the bed and gave her a little cuddle and decided to let her sleep with me during the storm. She seemed quite pleased with that deal and slept with me for the rest of the night.

The rain, whilst very heavy, didn’t seem to last for long, which is a pity because we could really use some drenching rain. Storms and rain are predicted all week, hopefully at least one of them brings a good sustained downpour.


February 20th, 2007 at 10:39am

Proof that 2UE and 2GB don’t care about Sunday night after 8pm

As if extending Sharina’s show by an hour wasn’t enough proof, here is the candid honest truth on the 2UE website:

20:00 – 23:59
Sharina’s Psychic Encounters
Spencer Kirk will join Sharina as she gets the vibe and delves into her loyal listener’s love and professional life.

She only has one loyal listener…it must be Spencer seeing as he has come back to that awful show!

As it happens, 2GB don’t care about Sunday nights after 8pm either…otherwise they wouldn’t let Reverend Bill Crews run a four hour “melting-pot of spiritual, topical, and personal discussions”. I think the only things melting are the poor transmitters that have to listen to this stuff. If I were a transmitter, I think I’d have fun by having “technical difficulties” during those shows.


1 comment February 20th, 2007 at 08:23am

New Radio Station for Canberra

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) have auctioned off a new High Powered Open Narrowcasting (HPON) licence for Canberra. The purchaser of the licence is ANC International Holdings Pty Ltd, who have paid $200,000 for 1323 kHz on the AM band.

Apparently there is an association between ANC International Holdings and which appears to be some sort of “communicate with your shareholders” podcasting service. At present it is unclear whether the new radio station will have anything to do with this partnership, but if it does, then it will obviously be a business/stock market station.

Unfortunately the ACMA press release makes no mention of what restriction this station has in order to make it a narrowcast station…being high-powered it has to be a subject restriction, so being a business/stock market station is certainly a possibility.

According to ACMA’s transmitter list, the station’s transmitter will be located on the Broadcast Australia facility (ABC, SBS, RPH transmitters) on the Barton Highway and will have a transmission power of 400 watts, 100 watts higher than 2KY Racing Radio which runs a HPON racing service on 1008 KHz (AM), 4,600 watts less than ABC Local Radio in Canberra, 2CA and 2CC and 9,600 watts less than Radio National in Canberra.

Unfortunately ANC Holdings haven’t informed ACMA as to what their restriction or on-air ID will be as yet, but they’ll have to do that before going on-air.

Currently their is no carrier on their frequency.

The new radio station must be up and running by June 21, and I’ll be following the progress of the station. More information as it comes to hand.


5 comments February 20th, 2007 at 03:17am


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