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Coal Mine in Waramanga

I don’t know why my dreams of Waramanga always make it look like a dark and gloomy suburb, especially seeing as it has always been quite nice in my experience.

This dream starts off underground in a dingy and dusty room, whilst I am apparently in a coal mine, I am sitting at a desk. It’s time for my 15 minute break, so I decide that I would like to stretch my legs and go a for a walk around Waramanga.

About ten minutes later I have almost finished my walk and decide to go back inside, only to encounter a large grizzly bear on the path back to the mine. I turn around and run, the bear chases me until I pass a fence labelled “Bear territory, keep out”.

I then decide to enter the mine via the back entrance, but to do so I have to traipse through a large dark forest…I do so, following a dusty path, then I meet another grizzly bear…I start running and keep running until I trip down the entrance path to the mine. I land at the feet of (someone who is apparently) my boss. It seems that I’ve been gone for about 50 minutes and a security team have been assembled to search for me, whilst warning lights and sirens are in operation due to the coal mine having a “missing person”. My boss calls off the search and I return to my desk.


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But we don’t close our eyes!

A few minutes ago I was having a conversation, and for some reason in this conversation I mentioned that Nattie had her eyes closed…it then occurred to me that she didn’t have eyes closed, that would be impossible, she in fact had her eye lids closed.

I then started thinking about why we, as a society, talk and sing songs about having our eyes closed, when it is something that we never do, and nobody ever seems to notice the error. Our eyelids open and close, our eyes on the other hand contain a lens which expands and contracts (I’m sure there is a better way to explain that) but it never actually closes.

So now I want to know who came up with this silly notion of closing our eyes, and why did our society accept it?

If this isn’t proof that I’m struggling to get any sleep then I don’t know what is. I seem to enter this phase of pointless logic after I’ve been awake for an extended period of time (usually about 30 hours), in many ways it is one of my better modes of functioning as problems can be solved almost instantly and the entire world is very clear to me, but it is also one of my worst as I unwittingly latch on to pointlessly silly subjects like whether or not eyes close and can’t seem to shake them off, I’m also very easily distracted in this phase.

If, for whatever reason, I am still unable to sleep in about two hours I think I will call Clive Robertson to discuss this eye lid closing issue.


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