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Drama at the Legislative Assembly

On reflection, I think I know where at least some of this dream came from…more on that later, but first, the dream.

This dream starts with me and a group of friends walking through the City Walk exit of the Canberra Centre and heading towards the Legislative Assembly. We were discussing the portfolios of various MLAs and at one stage tried to work out what John Hargreaves’s portfolios were prior to his current ones…we couldn’t work it out so we walked up to the Legislative Assembly so that we could ask the staff there.

In this dream, the Legislative Assembly, rather than being its actual location, was located where the theatres are, just behind its real location, and there was a low-lying garden in front of it, with a maze of narrow paths.

As we approached the entrance we could see John Hargreaves going in the staff entrance door on the left hand side of the front entrance section. I quickly went up the few stairs and asked John Hargreaves what his previous portfolios were, he told me that he had previously been the minister for automatic doors and acquaintances (strange dream) before handing me an autographed photo of himself. I went back to my friends and gave them the answer.

We then decided that we might as well go inside and wait for Question Time to begin, so we went up to the public entrance (which was locked) and we were told by the attendant that we should “go to Olims Hotel and have a coffee and then come back”. I then said to her that Olims hotel is a twenty minute walk, and as it was 1:20pm, Question Time was only ten minutes away and we should be let in so that we could take our seats. She then informed me that it was only 12:40pm, and I told her that the clock above the entrance said it was 1:20pm…she then said “we like the clocks to be wrong” and changed it to say 8:57pm.

By this stage a very large school group were taking up most of the space in the garden and slowly going through the staff entrance. We left and decided to come back later.

The dream then jumped forward to Question Time where, rather than having any questions, a student in the school group was invited to read the radio news…a few stories passed before he got to a story about “drama at the Legislative Assembly”, in which he said that the clock above the entrance was to be named “the Sam Gordon-Stewart” clock after the person who had complained about it showing the wrong time earlier in the day.

I then made a scene about how I thought that if they were going to name the clock after me they should get my name right. I was thrown out of the Assembly.

The dream then ended.

I said at the beginning of this article that I think I know how I came up with this dream. On Sunday afternoon during lunch I was thinking about politicians getting requests for autographs…whether it happens, and if it is possible to walk up to John Howard during one of his walks and ask him for an autograph. That would explain part of the dream at least.


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