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Samuel chats with Paul Makin about water recycling…

…and generating electricity from the hot air of politicians!

In all seriousness though, most talkback presenters take a few days for me to even consider calling them…Paul took minutes. I’m very impressed with Paul Makin, he has a natural knack for news, and presents enthralling newstalk programming. It’s great to hear some good newstalk overnight on 2UE again, as it has been lacking since Stuart moved (apparently temporarily) to the 8pm-Midnight shift. He is also a good listener, and seems willing to give everyone their chance to speak their mind.

I would be very happy if Stuart Bocking were to permanently take over the 8pm-Midnight shift, which seems to suit him, and Paul Makin were to take over weekday New Day Australia. Abe can also stay on as producer as he has been doing a great job with Clive Robertson and Paul Makin.

Anyway, I chatted with Paul just after the 1am news. I provided a suggestion about introducing a secondary water network for “grey water” so that we can more easily reuse our water. Paul and I seemed to hit it off and we had a bit of a laugh…I hope Paul gets a permanent shift on 2UE. Incidentally, the recording also contains possibly the last Ken Sparks voiceover still in use on 2UE…the generic New Day Australia intro for when the host doesn’t have their own. (Unfortunately Kris McKenzie recorded 45 seconds of weather rather than 30 seconds, so he talks over the intro).

Click here to listen or download (5 minutes and 12 second, 4MB)

2UE have picked up some talent in Paul…and his sudden appointment to the 2UE ranks instead of using Clinton Maynard or any other fill-in presenters indicates to me that we must be very close to a decision on the 8pm-6am timeslots on 2UE.


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