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Autocue fails on Win News

I was just watching the first few stories on Win News Late Edition and it looks like the autocue has failed at Win Television’s Kingston studios. From the moment the bulletin started, Peter leonard was constantly switching between looking at the camera and reading from the desk. To Peter’s credit, he clearly pre-read the bulletin and had memorised a fair bit of it. Well done Peter.

Hopefully Win get the autocue fixed soon.


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Take Note!

Whilst browsing various websites last night I came across a curious ad in which your mouse cursor battles a pencil, and the pencil ultimately wins with the statement “The pen pencil is mightier than the mouse”. I clicked on the ad and was taken a Staedtler promotional website called Take Note, on which you can send and receive short handwritten notes.

It’s an odd little website, but it’s a bit of fun too. Basically you have some options, send a note to yourself, a friend or a stranger, receive a note from a stranger, view a gallery of the best notes, or read what the whole thing is all about.

When you write a note, it is apparently handwritten and posted by Staedtler to the person of your choice, or to one of the people who have registered to receive a note from a stranger.

So I have conducted an experiement, I have sent some messages based on the random quotes on this website. The note to myself is “Apparently if people are going to have to eat the plates we will need more of them on the lawn”, and the note to a stranger is “When The Money Comes Out of The ATM, Scream “I Won! I Won!””. I have also registered to receive a note from a stranger.

The aims of the experiment are to see if the note to myself arrives, see if the stranger makes contact with me, and see what random insight I receive from a stranger.

It’s a funny little website, and is certainly worth a look…I’m not entirely sure that Staedtler will acheive their aim of promoting the “personal, powerful and insightful” handwritten word, but good luck to them, it is a very clever bit of advertising and has certainly got my attention.

Again, the website is


December 12th, 2006 at 09:54am

Nattie Daycare

I worry about my subconcious sometimes, it really does produce the most absurd dreams.

A few nights ago I had a dream that I had to pick up a former work colleague’s child from a daycare centre in West Civic. So I made my way over towards the location of the Rydges Hotel, which for some reason had moved a few blocks to be near the Botanical Gardens, just next door was a building which looked a little bit like my pre-school, just smaller, but with a large balcony. Next to, and behind this building was a fenced off shadecloth covered area where children were running around playing various games and entertaining themselves.

I walked to the front door of the daycare centre which was open, and proceeded to walk over to the desk in the middle of the room where a small figure with a large round hat was sitting. On closer inspection, the small figure was Nattie, however I didn’t recognise her and treated her as I would any human in charge of a daycare centre. Nattie, walking on hind legs, wearing a dress and speaking a muffled canine sort of english took me over to the child which I then took back to the other side of Civic to the workplace of my former-work colleague (never mind that their workplace is in Belconnen).

I then went home and took Nattie (who was back in dog mode) for a walk, apparently not noticing that there were two different Natties in town.


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