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Humphrey will not be shown at the time he is never shown at

If Win Television are running on time today, we should see the daily “Hey kids, due to the cricket Humphrey won’t be seen at this time today, but will be on at the special time of 9am tomorrow” message around about now (3:30pm).

Considering that Humphrey normally screens at 10:30am after Kerri-Anne (correction, 9am instead of Kerri Anne during summer), it has been mildly odd seeing that message at 3:30 in the afternoon for the last couple days (even before the cricket, during the repeat of Carols By Candlelight on Monday). The foibles of automation are fun to watch and hear.

For the record, Humphrey will be seen at 9am until the conclusion of the fifth Ashes cricket test. I will be taking the opportunity to catch a few episodes.


December 27th, 2006 at 03:25pm


I’m getting glasses, and for some reason this is all very exciting. Here is the prescription written by my wonderful optometrist Mark Feltham.

Samuel's Prescription for Glasses

For obvious reasons I have removed Mark’s signature.

Basically I need glasses for clear vision of things more than a couple metres in front of me…I can see most things fine, but I have trouble focussing on objects in the distance, and I have a fair bit of trouble reading signs when they are a bit too far away. For that matter, I can’t even read the writing on the DVD player display from more than a couple metres away.

During the consultation I was able to read the bottom line of text, but I had difficulty working out whether a letter was a “w” or an “m” when I didn’t have any assistance.

It was funny the way Dr. Feltham made the announcement that I had been semi-expecting that I need glasses. It seemed like another test with his machines, asking if what I was seeing was blurrier or sharper, and then when we settled on the clearest picture he said “that’s what your new glasses will be” (I’m paraphrasing).

While I was coming home I was feeling quite overjoyed at the prospect of getting glasses, and at the same time trying to work out whether that is the right reaction to getting glasses. As it happens, I’ve been thinking that I would need them for most of the year, so in many ways being overjoyed is the perfect reaction!

If I get paid tomorrow (I’m not entirely sure what is happening with pay this week) then I will be visiting the glasses shop in Bailey’s Corner (on the recommendation of my optometrist) to see about getting these new glasses.

For the record, I’ve been seeing Dr. Feltham since 1995 when my general practitioner of the time, Dr. Mitar Milosevic, referred me to him. At that stage, Dr. Fletham’s practice was on the bottom floor of the Canberra Centre where Hot Dollar currently resides. This is the first year in quite a few that I haven’t seen him before Christmas, usually I have seen him on Christmas eve, but that was a Sunday this year, so the tradition has moved and I will now be seeing him just after Christmas for the forseeable future.


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I’m off to see the optometrist

It’s time for my annual checkup with my optometrist. Last year I was fairly convinced that I would need glasses, but he thought we could probably hold off. In this last year I think my eyesight has degenerated a fair bit, and I would be very surprised if I don’t need glasses.


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John Stanley on 3AW Football

Amongst my recent batch of weird dreams is one I had a few nights ago where John Stanley returned from holidays to find that his afternoon show had been cancelled as 2UE decided to stay with their summer format all year. As such John moved to Melbourne where he joined 3AW’s AFL commentary team, who it would seem lost most of their commentators to Channel Seven.

John, unfortunately, was clueless, and was quite possibly the worst AFL commentator in recorded history…he was so bad that co-commentator Garry Lyon (who didn’t defect to Seven) couldn’t stop laughing, which really didn’t help as John really couldn’t explain a thing which was happening, and ended up chatting with Sue Dodd from the Sydney Markets about fruit and vegetables.

Rex Hunt then excused himself from commentating for Channel Seven and kicked John all the way back to Sydney and took over the AFL, to the delight of all of Melbourne. Either it took John a long time to get to Sydney, or there was a strange timezone fault happening, because he landed in the studio at 2UE just as his weekday afternoon show was starting.


December 27th, 2006 at 11:04am

Bert’s Family Feud

I just found out how Bert’s Family Feud survey 100 people for each question…via their website!

I took part in a survey, the instructions quite clearly state to write the first thing that enters your head, and as such some of the answers are a wee bit odd.

Name something you associate with coffee

Name something you might swat
A fly

Name an animal you’d find in a rainforest

Give me a word that rhymes with ‘lunch’

Name an occupation that deals with animals

Name something you associate with fashion models

Name something that children get attached to

Name something you associate with an owl

Name something you might do to show you’re happy

Name something you might borrow from a friend
A shovel


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