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Public Logic

It is said that common sense isn’t very common, that might be true, but I think the real problem lies in a lack of logic from an awful lot of people. We are all guilty of it, some more so than others, and that in itself poses a problem.

Every day we hear stories which defy either common sense or logic, a good example might be a motorcyclist getting caught travelling at 220 kilometres per hour, we hear the story and consider the person in question a goose, somebody without logic, we wonder what was going through their mind, and we convince ourselves that we would never be silly enough to do something like that, and yet somehow, the stories keep cropping up.

Admittedly, most of us would never do anything as silly as that, but we also have our own logic issues. For example, suppose you have a pile of dishes on the sink and you want to add a spoon to the pile, you are in a hurry and just plonk the spoon down wherever you can find a space, the spoon falls from on top of whatever slanted object you placed it on, and crashes to the floor. You then pick it up and place it on a flat surface.

That was a momentary lack of logic, caused by not having your mind on the job, and as a result, not thinking through the consequences of placing the spoon on a slanted surface. Such momentary lapses in logic and concentration are human nature, we are not truly designed to multi-task, and we can only actively apply logic to one problem at a time.

The trouble is that we har about these massive logic failings, like the motorcyclist getting caught travelling at 220 kilometres per hour, and we think that, as we would never do anything that silly, that we don’t have logic issues, we delude ourselves, and the more we do that, the less we notice these small logic issues, and the bigger they can become as we simply brush them off as “one of those things” or “silly me”. Stamping on, or at least recognising, these small logic issues, helps to make us more aware of our thought process, and the reality of the world around us, and can help prevent the big logic failings.

I’m not suggesting that dropping a spoon one day means that you will attempt to jump from a plane without a parachute the next day on the assumption that you can alter the force of gravity, as you would need other contributing factors to make you think something as far-fetched as that, but understanding your own thought process can help you to prevent smaller problems from occurring.

Large logic failings such as the aforementioned motorcyclist are almost certainly a willful abandonment of logic, but other cases really do just leave you scratching your head.

Suppose just for a moment that you want to die for one reason or another. You have in your posession a loaded rifle, and 30 rounds of ammunition, what is the logical course of action here? Obviously it is shoot yourself. However logic is not always on hand, and according to a Sydney teenager who had allegedly just been caught travelling at 182 km/h (logic failure), the obvious way to be killed was to allegedly open fire on the police and a bus so that the police could shoot him dead.

Whilst most of us will never get quite that far into not having logic on our side, and if we do then we need professional psychiatric help, it’s the little logical things like making sure that the power switch is turned on when we want to use an electrical appliance, that can help us avoid getting to that stage.


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Another ACTION Bus Driving Dream

Just over a year ago I had a dream where I found an ACTION bus and ran an intertown bus service, this is becoming a strange annual event it would seem as the other night I had a very similar dream.

The dream starts at the Civic bus interchange, just near platform nine in front of the newsagent. I am walking towards the platform, I board the bus which is sitting there, and before I know it I am sitting on a chair on top of a very tall pole, driving the bus to Belconnen as part of an Intertown bus route (the fact that the Intertown doesn’t use that platform is irrelevant).

Once I get to Belconnen I seem to realise that something is wrong, so I rush home (in the bus), park the bus near my house and hide inside, which proves quite futile as the police turn up very quickly. I then hide behind a mattress, but the police break down my front door in full riot gear…and then the dream ends.

This, as I mentioned, seems to be turning into an annual “dream theme”, and is a very disturbing dream, especially seeing as driving (let alone stealing) an ACTION bus isn’t even on a list of things I would like to do.


December 28th, 2006 at 07:43am

Yay I got paid

Normally I wouldn’t post anything like this here, but I just checked my bank account and I have been paid this fortnight, which is a relief as I have been ill recently and haven’t submitted timesheets, have things I have to pay for in the next couple days, and wasn’t sure if any money would land in my (nearly empty until recently) bank account. I don’t know if the person responsible for fixing that problem is reading this, but if you are, thank you, and I will thank you in person on Tuesday.

Looks like I get to keep my toes for another few weeks!


December 28th, 2006 at 01:24am

Emailer Proves Himself As An Imposter

I am pleased to be able to announce that the anonymous emailer going by the name of “Ismail”, who has been annoying me for the last few days, has just proven beyond all reasonable doubt that he is not 2UE caller “Ishmael”.

In his latest rambling, Ismail wrote:

I think John B1_B5’s reference to Tasmanian Tigers in the newsreaders thread is off topic

In the Festively Missing Newsreaders post which is about newsreaders being absent from 2CC and 2CA, John B1_B5 wrote:

Speaking of which, I heard on the grapevine that our mutual friend Mike Welsh was attacked by a Tasmanian Devil for telling ‘porkies’ on the 2CC Drive Show.

Naturally I’m not giving that story any credence – at this stage.

After I had discussed other 2CC and 2UE staff related changes with him.

Not only is Ismail an idiot, he also doesn’t seem to recognise 2CC’s personalities, even when labeled as such, which completely disproves that he is “Ishmael” as Ishmael lives in Canberra and listens to 2CC!

Ismail, take the advice of your bogus email address and stick your head up a turkey.

Update 1:00am: And Ismail, both “imposter” and “impostor” are the same word, I’ve covered that with another one of your alter egos, now #### off. End Update


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