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Blue Warning For ACT and Surrounds

The ACT Emergency Services Authroity has issued a “Blue Warning” in response to storms which have swept through Canberra and surrounds. 2CC is reporting that a section of roof at the National Museum has collapsed and that there is localised flooding in sections of Canberra. The SES have received 10 calls for assistance.

If you require assistance from the ACT State Emergency Service they can be contacted on 6207 8444, but for life threatening ememgencies please contact 000.

The storm caused heavy rain, some wind, some hail and plenty of thunderstorm activity in my area. I captured the action on video. At the time of writing this article the video was still being processed by YouTube and should be available in a couple minutes.

(Broken YouTube video removed and Google Video added–12:08am December 31)

Update 5:34pm: The number of calls for assistance to the SES has now jumped to 22. The damage to the roof at the National Museum isn’t too bad, emergency services are currently assessing the situation. Still waiting for YouTube to catch up!End Update

Update 6:48pm: Well YouTube is taking an awfully long time to process the video, so I’ve uploaded it here. It can be viewed or downloaded by clicking here. End Update


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Brain Swap

This week’s Friday Funny comes courtesy of Rhonda (location withheld), who also asked that I wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year on her behalf (yes, the joke was sent in a bit over a week ago).

A young girl had been suffering from severe headaches and had tests run by her doctor. The doctor said, “I’m sorry miss, but you have a massive brain tumor.”

The girl started crying and said to her mum, “I’m only 15 years old. I don’t want to die.”

The doctor said, “Well this is modern medicine. There is an experimental technique for a brain transplant, but it’s expensive and not covered by insurance.”

The girl’s mother said, “Don’t worry, dear. How much does it cost?”

The doctor replied, “Well, a male brain is $1,000,000 and the female brain is $25,000.”

The mum said, “No problem. But why is the male brain more expensive then the female brain?”

The doctor replied, “Because the female brain has been used!”

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December 29th, 2006 at 10:31am

Belconnen American Tornado

I’ve had quite a few dreams recently, so I am presenting one each standard weekday until I run out of dreams, and as I think about them, driving, theft and police seem to be recurring themes, which is mildly distrubing.

In this particular dream I am driving a car on a road which looks an awful lot like Kingsford Smith Drive in the Belconnen area and I see something up ahead, a few seconds later it becomes obvious what the “thing” is…a tornado, small enough to fit on one side of the road, but powerful enough to hold the car back. After a few moments the tornado dissipates and I continue along my way, until I hit another tornado, which has much the same effect, except that when it ends I get out of the car and look at a large road sign to see where I am.

The sign says that I am about halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco (my apparent destination), and apparently I am 90 “m” from San Francisco…I break into a panic trying to work out what this “m” could be, thinking that it might take me all week to get there and I only have two hours, after a while it becomes obvious that it means “minutes”, and quite relieved I continue on my way…it would appear that for the purposes of this dream, Americans drive on the left hand side of the road.


December 29th, 2006 at 07:44am


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