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Yesterday evening

I normally wouldn’t use this blog to send a message to one person, and one person only, especially when the message is cryptic, but on this occasion I have no choice.

This blog is quite clearly being monitored by the person in question, and is the only way I have of getting in contact with them.

Yesterday evening just prior to 6pm, while I was walking with other members of my family, a man called out to me for reasons I cannot mention, he had a specific message about the circumstances which I cannot mention, and their subsequent non-publication on this website. As he had other people around him at the time I did not realise that he was calling out to me until he mentioned my name, and then it took me a few moments to work out what he had said, by which time the window of time for acknowledging what was said, had passed.

Therefore, this message is designed to inform him that I understand and acknowledge the message, and will be sure to follow it.

I would also appreciate it if the person in question could be in contact via the anonymous feedback form on the contact page…you can use bogus name/email info, just include the message that you said to me, and a message indicating that you have received this message, and all will be well. (Alternatively I will be getting off the northbound 117 at the City Bus Interchange around 2pm if you wish to convey a message in person or via a messenger).

I suppose I will just have to assume he has received this message, even if I don’t hear from him.


August 9th, 2006 at 09:18am

Email from Lawsie’s office

Yesterday was John Laws‘s 71st birthday, and as I mentioned, I sent him an email to wish him a happy birthday.

Well yesterday at 12:40pm, I received a reply from Lawsie’s office, which was quite a surprise as I have never received a reply from his office to any of my other emails, and was certainly not expecting one. I was very happy just knowing that Lawsie would read my message.

Anyway, the reply from Lawsie’s office:

Dear Samuel,

Thankyou for your kind birthday wishes. We have passed them onto John, he really appreciates your support and hopes you continue to enjoy the program!

Kind Regards,

The John Laws Morning Show

Whilst I’m sure it was a “canned” response, I am very appreciative of this email, as Lawsie would have received a deluge of birthday emails, and it would have been much easier to not reply at all. The fact that he (or his staff) have replied is very heartwarming, and I publicly thank them for it.


August 9th, 2006 at 07:18am


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