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Gmail Signup Open To The Public

I just went to login to Gmail and noticed that they have now opened Gmail signup to the public…the address to signup for a gmail account is or you can just go to and click the signup link.

Here are some screenshots (click to enlarge).

Gmail public signup
Gmail public signup
Gmail public signup

Update 11/08/2006 3:42pm: Based on the feedback I’m getting, it looks like Google are rolling out this signup page on a limited basis…Australia seems to be ahead of most of the rest of the world in that regard. It could be just to be a tease, but it is probably to stop an avalanche of automated signup robots trying to get Gmail accounts.

Also, I’m definetly on the slashdot “auto-reject” list for story submissions…every story I’ve submitted in the last couple months has been rejected within five minutes, and I know from previous experience that it takes many hours for the editors to get around to each submission, looks like they’ve got a scheduled job every 5-10 minutes to reject submissions from a certain list of people. I suppose I shouldn’t have written that submission criticising slashdot editors…but not allowing submissions from me is my loss, and just proves that they are lunatics.

End update


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More news

I feel like writing something briefly about some upcoming podcasts. Firstly, later today or early tomorrow, Security Now! episode 52 should be released, this will be a question and answer episode, and if I’m lucky my question about stored passwords may be anwered.

Secondly, the interview I had yesterday at 6am was with Bill Grady, host of You Are The Guest podcast, for episode 52 of You Are The Guest, due for release over the weekend or thereabouts. I get the distinct feeling that I was rambling a bit too much and not thinking clearly during that interview, but we’ll see what happens. Perhaps in my current confused state of mind I am not remembering the interview clearly.

Also, the headaches aren’t nearly as bad as they were…at this rate I should be back at work tomorrow…that would be nice. If I am back at work tomorrow, I start early and finish early, which would then give me time in the afternoon to take photos for the Section 84 development update which I was going to do yesterday…we’ll see what happens.


August 10th, 2006 at 04:37pm

Anatomy of a day off

I had a rostered day off from work yesterday…and somehow it turned into a horrid sick day.

I guess it started at the end of Tuesday’s work day when I was already feeling a bit under the weather, I got home with a headache and a runny nose, and although I have been a tad ill for the last week or so, this was worse than normal. It seemed to clear up later that evening so I didn’t think much of it.

Wednesday morning came around, and I got up early (5:30am) as I had an interview scheduled for 6am (more on that later), that went fine although I was probably still a bit under the weather and was rambling a bit. At 7:30 the headache was bad…and I went back to bed for a while…I ended up spending most of the day in bed, sometimes able to sleep, other times not, and most of the time with a bad headache. I had a lunch scheduled as one of the many things I was planning on doing…it never happened…and I forgot to ring to cancel it…I got a call around midday from the person I was going to have lunch with, but I never answered the call as the sound of the phone ringing made my head feel like exploding.

I’ve been feeling unwell for most of the day, although the headache has subsided for the most part…it’s coming in bursts, I can’t concentrate on anything for long, and I’m just not feeling well.

It’s also 4am and I can’t sleep, I doubt I’ll be up to working for ten hours today, and think I’ll call in sick…and that poses an impossible dillema. I will go back to bed shortly as the dark quietened room will be much nicer to be in than a bright room with a difficult computer screen, but if I’m not well enough to go to work then I will need to call my manager before 9am (my scheduled start time)…right now I could probably call and leave a message, but that would almost certainly raise questions about why I’m up at 4am anyway…alternatively I could wait until daylight, by which time I’ll probably feel worse and the phone might not be an option.

I also have a problem of being sick on the day after my “day off”…it may look like I’m just trying to extend my time off…I guess I’ll wait until daylight to ring.

I’m rambling…I’m going back to bed…my head hurts again, and this has taken far too long and far too many sessions to write, and I’m not sure it makes any sense.


August 10th, 2006 at 04:26am


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