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Letter on behalf of the Treasurer

You may recall that in May, just after the federal budget, I sent an email to the office of treasurer Peter Costello. Well I’m please to be able to announce that on Thursday August 3, I received a lovely reply in the post.

The letter reads:

Dear Mr Gordon-Stewart

Thank you for your email of 10 May 2006 to the Treasurer.

The Treasurer has asked me to thank you for your kind words of support and encouragement and to tell you that they are appreciated and for taking the time to write.

Your sincerely

David Gazard
Senior Advisor

There is also a handwritten section which I have had trouble deciphering. Here is a picture of the letter (I have blotted out my address):

Letter from David Gazard, senior advisor to Peter Costello

Despite the date on the letter being “27 Jul 2006”, the letter appears to have gone throught th post on the 2nd of August, as shown by the envelope (again, address blotted out).
Envelope containing the letter from David Gazard, senior advisor to Peter Costello

I’ll just zoom in on the postmark imprinted by the post office equipment…the date is partially obscured by the “Postage Paid Australia” mark
The date on the envelope containing the Letter from David Gazard, senior advisor to Peter Costello

So the letter arrived the day after postage, which is excellent. As was the surprise I got when I saw an evelope addressed to me from “Treasurer Canberra”, and the subsequent joy of reading the letter.


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Clinton Maynard to fill in for John Kerr

John Kerr has just made an announcement that, had it not been broadcast, I would not have believed. Next weekend (August 19 & 20) Clinton Maynard, one of 2UE’s many excellent reporters, will be filling on for John Kerr on New Day Australia. It looks like Clinton is one of 2UE’s up-and-coming talk presenters.

This reminds me of 2CC, where newsreader/sport presenter Kris McKenzie is their up-and-coming talk presenter…filling in every now and then for other presenters.

It will be very interesting to see how Clinton handles this, he is an excellent reporter, but New Day Australia is the “deep end” these days as there is no producer…the presenter has to answer all the calls himself, as well as monitoring the emails and still running a show. I do hope they tell him about the very real chance of getting a couple calls from people who think they’ve called the number for a taxi.

I get the feeling that I’ll be giving Clinton a call at some stage on Saturday or Sunday.

Best of luck Clinton!

John Kerr made the announcement around 1:30am, and it left me wondering…whatever happened to former New Day fillin Spencer Kirk?


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