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Happy Birthday Lawsie

August 8th, 2006 at 07:56am

Ye gods, it’s a year since John Laws turned 70…a whole year…how is that possible? Who sped up the calendar?

Anyway, Lawsie is 71 years old today, so happy birthday Lawsie!

Last year, when Lawsie turned 70, I tried to ring in to wish him a happy birthday, but I was about the 750,000th person to call in so they (Lawsie’s producers) added my name to a list of well-wishers, I also sent him a birthday card. I remember I spent most of the morning listening to Lawsie, I even sent him an email. John Williamson also dropped in to Lawsie’s studio to sing a few songs.

I remember walking across the Dickson Playing Fields about a week after Lawsie’s birthday, and people were still greeting him with birthday messages when they rang up to talk to him.

I’ll be at work for most of Lawsie’s show, but I remembered to send John a birthday email…I sent this at 2:36am whilst listening to Lawsie’s former exectutive producer Stuart Bocking, who is now the host of New Day Australia.

Happy 71st birthday Lawsie,
I can’t believe it is a whole year since your last birthday…I remember where I was when John Williamson invaded the studio, and where I was when I left a birthday message with one of your producers.

I hope you have a great day John, and I hope that back of yours isn’t causing you too many problems these days.

Best wishes,
Samuel Gordon-Stewart


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