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Pond Pictures

August 8th, 2006 at 12:00pm

Over the last few weeks a pond and a related garden have been taking shape in my backyard, there is still a little bit of work to be done, but I have some photos of the pond and garden to share with you.

The pond is currently occupied by goldfish, a few plants, some pebbles and a water pump (which filters and recycles the pond water). Over time, the plants will grow a bit and cover the edges of the pond, and some of the pond itself.

The pond

The fish appear to enjoy their time in the pond.

The fish in the pond
The fish in the pond
The fish in the pond
The fish in the pond
The fish in the pond

And a view from the other end of the garden.

The pond and the garden
The pond and the garden

In the second picture you can clearly see the mesh covering which has been put in place to prevent leaves and other foreign objects entering the pond. This is necessary due to the gum trees which hang over the garden.

Nattie isn’t too fussed about the pond, as it hasn’t removed any of her sunny spot, including the mat in front of the back door.
Nattie on the door mat in front of the back door

The garden also has some special ornaments
Pond and garden ornaments
Pond and garden ornaments
Pond and garden ornaments

The fish appear to have little racing games…they have just started a race in this photo.
Fish racing around in the pond

I also have a video (just over 1 minute and 10 seconds) of the fish swimming in the pond. It can viewed or downloaded by clicking here

These photos and the video were taken on July 31, so they are a bit over a week old, and a couple things have changed since then, including the addition of a vase laying on its side acting as a covered area for the fish to take shelter in, if they so desire.


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