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Amplitude Modulation…the radio dreams are made of

August 8th, 2006 at 02:22pm

The human mind can be very suggestable when it is somewhere between being fully awake and fully asleep…it can range from just about anything making sense, to weird dreams being derived from the sounds in the area. Yesterday morning, I had a dream in the latter category.

The dream started with a meeting of 2CA staff at what looked like a lemonade stand, there was a general concensus that 2CA have a good logo, and should pay people to walk around Canberra with 2CA signs and radios tuned to 2CA.

The dream then sporadically moved to my lounge room where I was sitting down watching a movie on the television…suddenly I could hear very heavy rain on the roof, and I ran up to my room to close my window, but by the time I got there (about twenty seconds later), the rain was over.

The dream had another sporadic change, this time it featured John Kerr’s movie experts Simon Foster and Dale Synden (I’m not sure of the actual spelling…anybody know?) singing a new intro for the hour-long “Flicks and Things” segment.

I then woke up and could hear a radio tuned to 2CA in another part of the house…the song they were playing matched the tune of the song I had been dreaming about, the only difference being that, in my dream, Dale and Simon had been making up movie related lyrics for the song.


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