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3AW Retains Top Spot in Melbourne Radio Ratings

The results for the final ratings survey before the 3AW/Magic frequency swap are in, with 3AW and Magic both recording gains. This is Melbourne Ratings #3, 2006, for March 26 to April 29 inclusive.

The largest gains went to 3AW (+2.2), Fox FM (+1.0) and Magic (+0.4). The largest losses went to ABC Local Radio (-1.8), Gold 104.3 (-1.6) and Mix 101.1 (-0.5).

Station This
Survey (%)
Survey (%)
3AW 16.7 14.5 +2.2
Fox FM 11.3 10.3 +1.0
ABC Local Radio 11.2 13.0 -1.8
MMM 10.5 10.3 +0.2
Nova 9.0 9.0 0
Gold 104.3 8.3 9.9 -1.6
Magic 6.0 5.6 +0.4
Mix 101.1 5.1 5.6 -0.5
3MP 2.5 2.2 +0.3
ABC Classic FM 2.5 2.4 +0.1
SEN 2.4 2.3 +0.1
ABC Radio National 2.1 2.4 -0.3
ABC News Radio 1.7 1.6 +0.1
Vega 1.4 1.6 -0.2

I’ll bring you the next Melbourne Radio Ratings as well, which will be the first after the frequency swap. The results should be interesting. That survey will be for May 7 to June 10 inclusive, and is due for release on June 20.


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Samuel’s Persiflage Listener Feedback

With the next episode of Samuel’s Persiflage just around the corner, the deadline for listener feedback is nearly here. But it’s not too late just yet.

Naturally I welcome your feedback to the podcast email address When sending an email please let me know which name you would like me to refer to you as (if you have a preference), otherwise I will just have to use whatever name is in the email headers. Putting a name at the bottom of your message is probably the easiest way to do this.

I welcome both written and spoken feedback to the podcast email address, but if you’re sending audio could you please send it in either MP3 (preferred), Wave or Ogg Vorbis format and try to keep it under 60 seconds. Audio in other formats will most likely not be accepted, and audio over 60 seconds may require editing.

I accept that sending audio is a pain as you have to record it and save it and attach it and send it, so I have introduced an easier way for you to send audio feedback. Thanks to Odeo I can now offer you a way to send me spoken feedback without leaving your web browser. Clicking on the “send me a voice message” button below will take you to an Odeo page which will allow you to record a message and send it, quickly and easily.
Send Me A Message

One more thing, I received an email from “henry’s porridge” in which he asks

I want to send you audio feedback, do I need a microphone?

I suspect Henry’s Porridge was being silly, but yes Henry’s Porridge, you do need a microphone to send audio feedback…unless you intend on sending me somebody else’s work, which I will not accept or use.

I’ll be drawing the cutoff for feedback tomorrow (Wednesday) at 3PM Canberra time (the weather graphics on the right hand side of the home page should help you work out when that is), so hopefully you will send some feedback, and with any luck you will be on the next episode of Samuel’s Persiflage (due out either on Thursday or Friday).


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Optus Satellite Issues Again?

It looks like the Optus B1 satellite may be having issues again (much like it did in late March). Lawsie has been off air for just over ten minutes, with 2CC now resorting to playing funny clips of Laws in between ads.

No news from Southern Cross Syndication or Optus yet, but I’ll keep you posted.

Update: Looks like the issue is sorted, after nearly twenty minutes.


May 9th, 2006 at 10:25am

Miners Rescued

As Australians would almost certainly be aware, and people overseas probably aware of as well, trapped tasmanian miners Brant Webb and Todd Russell have been rescued. In total they spent 14 nights underground in a small cage, and remarkably were able to walk out of the mine, with beards being the only obvious sign of their time underground. Lawsie made the comment this morning that it looked like they had just done a normal day of work.

The amazing skills of the rescue team (which consisted partially of other miners) should be praised for the amazing work that they did. Certainly it took some time, but that was a minor concern after they managed to get a supply tube through to them. The supply tube gave them virtually as much time as they needed to safely get through the rock, without unduly risking the lives of Brant and Todd.

Brant and Todd were in high spirits when they left the mine, and even “clocked off” on the mine’s status board. They are expected to be able to attend the funeral of fellow miner Larry Knight later today.

Diagram of the mine rescue

I know the point I’m about to raise is a minor issue, which is why I have left it to the end of the article, but just as I said to Mike Jeffreys on-air at 8:07am, I would like to thank 2CC for delaying the 6am news so that they could continue their live coverage of Brant and Todd coming out of the mine. I was very pleased to hear this, and I think it shows a healthy committment providing news when it happens, regardless of what the schedule might say they are supposed to be doing.


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